Working Out While Pregnant: Should A Surrogate Do It?

Working Out While Pregnant: Should A Surrogate Do It?

When you are a surrogate, you tend to take things a little more slowly and cautiously – that is just how you need to act. However, as a California surrogacy agency, we often have surrogate mothers who are used to working out and moving. As long as it is healthy in your pregnancy, it is actually suggested that you perform moderate-intensity activities while you are pregnant. It can help with some of the side effects of pregnancy and will help you to feel better at all stages.

Even if a woman isn’t used to exercise, pregnancy can be a difficult time to take on an exercise regimen. However, with your body changing in so many ways, it is actually a great time to start. Just make sure that you take it slow and listen to your body.

Here are some of the benefits of working out while pregnant:

You May See Fewer Pregnancy Complications

Many women absolutely love being pregnant, but there are a few common effects that can make it difficult. If you exercise during pregnancy, you may be able to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other problems that can pop up. At the same time, you will be reducing the risk of premature birth, fetal distress, and excessive weight gain.

Apart from potentially preventing health problems, exercise can help to reduce the pains associated with pregnancy. Additional weight, the location of the weight, less movement, and swelling joints can all lead to pain during pregnancy. Most women have some aches and pains. To avoid them, low impact exercise such as swimming or just an after-dinner walk can reduce the intensity of that pain. Water aerobics is another great way to get a good workout, especially later in your pregnancy. Yoga, stretching, and body weight exercises (with a spotter) can also keep you feeling loose.

Your Labor May Be Easier

Most women who become surrogates love being pregnant, but very few will tell you that they love the actual labor part of pregnancy. This is because it isn’t necessarily pain-free. The good news is that exercise can help with this: when you exercise, you strengthen your muscles, which can help to move the labor along. Make sure to strengthen your pelvic muscles and leg muscles at the same time, which will help immensely.

Exercise May Reduce The Risk of Cesarean Section

Exercise can help improve strength and conditioning, which help with a successful vaginal delivery, which is the standard most women want. Women who can push are more likely to end up delivering naturally without a C-section. While this isn’t proven, many doctors note that there is a connection between exercising while pregnant and having an easy vaginal birth.

Exercising May Relieve Stress

When you are pregnant, there are many things happening to your body. While you will, undoubtedly, be pampered and taken care of during your pregnancy if you are a surrogate, you can still feel stressed thanks to the hormones. Exercise can help to release the feel good endorphins that will help you feel less stressed. Even better, it can help with both forms of stress: physical and emotional.

Once you have the go-ahead from your primary care doctor, it is recommended that you start working out however feels comfortable for you. You can get your exercise in many different ways: walking, stationary biking, jogging, water aerobics, swimming, yoga, pilates, tennis, strength training, or hiking. Just make sure that you avoid contact sports or anything that could cause you to fall on your stomach.

Ready to Be A Surrogate?

Being a surrogate is one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences you can have in your life. It is an amazing experience where you will have time to focus on yourself and your own health while you help someone else to become a parent, and exercising is a great way to take care of yourself. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.