Fees - Reproductive Health Clinic California - Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute (EDSI)


Below is an Estimated Cost Sheet for Egg Donation:

Fees Paid: Description: Amount:
Agency Retainer Fee Starts the process of selecting a donor. Includes psychological screening. Additional $1500 for clients residing outside of the USA. $3500
Agency Admin Fee Coordination, scheduling, and arrangement of logistics involved (psych, medical, insurance, meetings, calls to donor and medical facility). $5000
Egg Donor Compensation Donor’s Fees will be placed in a trust account until Egg Retrieval or Donor Cycle is completed. $5000 (first time donors) $7500 and above (for repeat donors and candidates with advanced degrees or high demand characteristics)
Egg Donor’s Insurance Policy Covers complications that may arise from the Egg Donor Cycle $400
Egg Donor’s Legal Fees Attorney Consultation with the Egg Donor to review contracts $750
Recipient’s Legal Fees Includes drafting of contracts for Recipient and Egg Donor $750
Optional Services:
Genetic Counseling Assess medical histories to understand genetic contribution to occurrence of disease $300
Egg Donor Travel Fees & Hotel Accommodations For donors living out of state or outside of the US. To be determined

Please note that this does not include doctor’s fees, medication, monitoring fees, and lab work for your donor. You may gather these fees directly from the IVF Clinic you are working with. If you don’t have one yet, we can provide you an IVF Cost Estimate and recommend a fertility specialist we trust. As for the Egg Donor’s travel, an additional coordination fee for the agency will apply on top of travel and hotel costs.