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Egg Donation Process

You may select the donors you prefer and obtain their full profiles from us to know more about them. 

You may easily browse our condensed and free Egg Donor Profiles, which contain photos and basic background information (like height, eye color, ethnicity, education, base fee, etc).

You can select the physical and ethnic characteristics you are looking for and a list of matching profiles will be presented to you. You may select the donors you prefer and obtain their full profiles from us to know more about them.

To obtain access to the full profiles of your donor selections, you will need to for a free Online Account as an Intended Parent.
We will contact you within 1 business day to activate your ID and password.

Upon activation, your account will allow you access to the detailed Egg Donor Profiles, which contain extended personal information, medical and family history, education, characteristics, and preferences. Your account will remain active for five days. If you require additional time, you may call our offices to get an extension.

After reviewing the detailed profiles, and identifying your ideal candidate(s), you have the option to reserve up to 2 available donors for a period of 72 hours.

Please contact us to discuss your selections and let us know any questions or concerns you may have. At this time, our agency will send you an agreement with a cost estimate for your signature. Once we receive all these back, the matching process will commence with your donor and other providers that will be involved in the egg retrieval procedure and legal matters concerned.

The matching process will be lead by an EDSI professional. We will guide you through all necessary steps, including coordination and facilitation of appointments and contacts with the donor, psychologists, attorneys, and the fertility specialist. Depending on your anonymity preferences and the donor’s, you may meet personally or not.

After selection, the donor will go through further psychological and medical screening. The egg retrieval will only take place, once the donor has passed all tests and received medical clearances.

2-3 weeks prior to the egg retrieval procedure, the donor will start taking hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries and produce mature eggs.

The Egg retrieval is non-surgical and done under sedation. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to perform.

After confirmation of the retrieval from the physician, final fees are sent to the Egg Donor.