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Egg Donation Process

The whole cycle takes about 4-6 weeks.
At this time, the following stages happen. 

Once you are matched, you will meet with a Mental Health Professional for screening and evaluation.

You will meet with the recipients’ Fertility Specialist for your physical examination and clearance. This assures that you are healthy and fit to be an Egg Donor.

You will receive the legal contracts to inform you of your rights and you will be provided with a lawyer to explain the contract to you and provide legal advice. It will be the recipients’ responsibility to pay for this. 

  • You will most likely be placed on birth control pills.
  • You will receive instructions on the use of medications and injections in preparation for the egg donor cycle.
  • See  Egg Donor Medication  for more detailed information.
  • You will have routine ultrasounds and Doctor’s visits throughout the cycle in preparation for the egg retrieval.

The eggs are retrieved through a non-surgical procedure, and under sedation. The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

After confirmation of retrieval by the physician, fees are sent to the Egg Donor.