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Become a Surrogate

It takes a special woman to become a Gestational Surrogate, a life-giving and nurturing touchstone for another person’s unborn child. It requires commitment, dedication and patience. It is such a great service to those who are reproductively challenged and desire nothing more than to have a family of their own and experience the joy of parenthood. It isn’t something that all women can do. Instead, it is something reserved for an extremely special woman.  

Want To Be A Surrogate? Work With EDSI

For years, many women who have wanted to become Surrogates have had trouble finding their way to actually doing it. Thankfully, we at EDSI help to make those dreams a reality.

With EDSI, you are completely protected from the start of the process through the end. We help you to get the medical care that you need before, during and after you carry a baby. Before you become a surrogate, we ensure that you can physically and mentally handle being a surrogate – your safety is the most important thing to us. 

To apply to become a Surrogate,
please click the button bellow and you will be taken to our online application.

Our experts work to connect you to the absolute best Intended Parent match. We will build a profile to show Intended Parents – one that helps people to understand who you are. Your case manager will talk to you about the frequency and type of communication that you want to have – are you comfortable sending videos to Intended Parents? How about writing emails? What do you want the relationship to be after you give birth to the baby? All of these questions are imperative for a good experience.

While it is possible to do all of this by yourself, it isn’t something that is easy to do. Our team will ensure that not only are you taken care of throughout the process, we will also ensure that you are taken care of afterward as well. We guarantee payment, care, and compassion for you at all stages.