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Egg Donors Compensation

As the world changes and technology improves, more women are able to become Egg Donors, not only helping to build a family but to help themselves. Compensation for Egg Donors is still quite high as there are some qualifications that you need to reach. Egg Donation is a safe, viable method to build families.   

A Gift of Life and Hope

The medical procedure is about 30 minutes and requires very little recovery time – most Donors don’t even stay overnight at a facility. Even so, they are giving a precious gift that will help someone fulfill their goals of becoming a parent. 
As an Egg Donor, you are a part of that – and you deserve to be compensated for it.
You are giving a gift that so few other people can give. While you may never be able to meet the child that will be produced from your genetic material, you will know that he or she is loved and well taken care of by the intended parents. 

How Much Will I Be Compensated For Being An Egg Donor?

You will be compensated for your time, effort, and “pain and suffering”, upon completion of your cycle. A first time donor is compensated $7,500. Repeat donors are compensated at a higher rate of $8,500 and above.  

If you are interested in becoming an Egg Donor,
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What Does Egg Donation Entail? 

Part of the compensation for Egg Donors includes the fact that Egg Donors do need to undergo a medical procedure. Once selected as an Egg Donor, she will undergo a medical procedure that removes the egg or eggs from her body. Those eggs will then be fertilized in a laboratory. The resulting embryos will then be implanted into the mother or Surrogate’s uterus using in-Vitro fertilization (IVF). Sometimes, embryos may be frozen for later use.

The woman who is an Egg Donor will not undergo this procedure unless she has been chosen as an Egg Donor. This procedure is minor and will only take around 30 minutes – most women do not have much recovery time and can get back to their daily lives the next day. Not all egg donation programs include aftercare to ensure that you are physically and mentally healthy after your donation, but EDSI does.