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Surrogacy Process For Intended Parents

Once you have signed up with EDSI, the surrogacy process involves several structured steps. Your dedicated and professional EDSI team has extensive experience to ensure a smooth and successful journey to help you to ultimately bring your baby home. 

Here’s an overview of the typical process. Throughout this process, our experienced team will provide guidance, support, and coordination to ensure a positive experience for you and your surrogate.

Initial Meeting

You will set a consultation with an EDSI  Surrogacy Professional to discuss your needs, preferences, and expectations. 

Surrogate Selection

Your EDSI professional will present profiles of potential surrogates based on your personal criteria.

Meeting Surrogates

You will have an oppurtunity to meet with the potential surrogate(s) to find a compatible match.

Match Agreement

Both parties agree to move forward together. The chosen surrogate will be screened by your fertility clinic.

Legal Consultation

You will consult with an attorney specializing in reproductive law to understand the legal aspects of surrogacy.

Drafting Agreements

The attorney helps draft the surrogacy agreement, outlining the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties.

Fertility Treatments

Your dedicated EDSI case manager will coordinate the fertility treatment among all the parties. Your surrogate undergoes medical treatments, including hormone therapy, to prepare for embryo transfer.

IVF and Embryo Transfer

Embryos are created via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and transferred to your surrogate’s uterus.

Pregnancy Confirmation

Your Surrogate’s pregnancy is confirmed through medical tests. 

Regular Check-Ups

Your dedicated EDSI case manager will coordinate your surrogate’s regular medical appointments to monitor the health of the pregnancy.

Support and Communication

Your dedicated EDSI case manager will facilitate and maintain open communication between you and your surrogate to receive updates on the pregnancy progress

Counseling and Support

Both you and your surrogate may access counseling and support services.

Birth Plan

Your dedicated EDSI case manager will develop a birth plan in collaboration with you, your surrogate and the healthcare providers, ensuring that you can be present at the birth.

Legal Preparations

EDSI ensures all legal documents are in place for the birth, including pre-birth orders if applicable.


The moment everyone has been anticiapting: Your baby is born with you attending the birthing process.

Legal Parentage

Complete any remaining legal steps to establish your rights, such as updating the birth certificate.

Transition Home

Your baby is handed over to you, who then transition home with your new family member. 

Emotional Support

You and your surrogate may receive post-birth support and counseling.

Ongoing Communication

If agreed upon, maintain communication with your surrogate and provide updates on the baby’s progress.