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Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute is an internationally recognized Surrogacy agency that helps you bring your baby home. We have built families all over the world. As pioneers in the field of Surrogacy and Egg Donation, we ensure that your experience is legal, safe, and filled with love. For the past 25 years, we have helped families add thousands of babies. Our focus is to create a positive and healthy environment for everyone involved. We take the extra time needed to ensure that surrogates, intended parents, egg donors, and family members are all comfortable. We seamlessly orchestrate your fertility journey through your pregnancy and delivery with the goal of bringing home your baby. We are your hand holders. The dedicated team at EDSI understands the key to success is based on cultivating relationships, screening for quality, delivering a highly reliable amount of support and care in order to bring your baby home. This is the reason we are known as the “Leading and Preferred Agency for Hands-on Personalized Service” in the Third Party Assisted Reproduction Industry. 


With a combined 50 years of experience, our team has had our hands in building families that could not have otherwise been formed.


Because of our meticulous attention to the matching process, nearly 100% of our intended parents choose to work with the first surrogate that they meet through EDSI.

Hands on

Our experienced and professional team will hold your hand through the entire process. We are known for our highly reliable support and care.


We are one of the pioneers in the fields of surrogacy and egg donation. As such, we have seen it all, and are ready to advocate for you in any situation.


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Are there any risks associated with being a Surrogate?

“We chose EDSI after many attempts with in-vitro. Taking the surrogate route is a big step and we couldn’t have been happier with the process or the results. Every part of the process is laid out, with clarity for both the legal and human side. With any life decision like surrogacy, there are a lot of unknowns. EDSI made us feel safe and protected throughout the process. From the introduction to the surrogate, to the birth of our child, EDSI was there for support and to answer any questions. The end result was an amazing little girl that made us forget the 4 painful years of trying. Best decision we have ever made.”  

Lee - Intended Parent

“I started my journey with EDSI in 2016 and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I still go through them. It’s not just a business for them, they genuinely care about everyone involved. At any time of day or night if I needed anything, they responded quickly to me. Any concerns I had were washed away. They really care and they make sure they are there for you at all times, no matter how big or small.” 

Cynthia - Surrogate

“EDSI is a wonderful agency. Everyone there is extremely supportive and friendly, not just with me but my entire family! They keep in close communication throughout the entire process. You will feel like family, not just a client. I would highly recommend EDSI to anyone considering fertility.”

Jill - Surrogate

“Thanks to EDSI, my wife and I are over 6 months pregnant! EDSI provided us with a wonderful selection of surrogates, and have made the surrogacy/ pregnancy process pretty seamless so far. They are not only there to support the biological parents but to lend guidance and support to the surrogate and their family as well. I couldn’t think of a better, more conscientious and professional organization to associate with for this very meaningful, special, important life decision. Keep up the great work.”

Todd - Intended Parent

“I have completed 1 journey with EDSI, I delivered twins in 2017 and I have already started the process for another journey. Everyone at EDSI that I have met has been incredible. They’re always available to talk and always there for us. They make the whole process as easy as possible for us. I’m so glad I found them and would never go to a different agency.”

Courtney - Surrogate

“The day I decided to give EDSI a call and get information was the start of an amazing journey. They mean it when they say, “we’ll be there with you every single step of the way.” Parham is genuinely caring, and will make sure you’re comfortable about everything. They are supportive, honest, friendly, and answer every question you have! My intended parent and I always talk about how great our agency is. I’m so glad I did my research and chose them! Not only am I a proud surrogate but proud to have them as my representation/agency. I highly recommend whether you’re an IP or surrogate, to give EDSI a call! You’ll be in great hands, and they always put you in contact with the best medical team and more!”

Maddie - Surrogate

“I have had an amazing experience with EDSI. The staff is very friendly and also just a phone call away. I thought the first time I went would be a little weird for me because I was going by myself, but I was so comfortable it was like we have been friends forever.  It has been an amazing experience and I am so glad I chose them. They make you feel like you are family.”

Katrisa - Surrogate

It has been our privilege to give hope and successfully support many couples and individuals as they pursue Egg Donation and Surrogacy to have a child. This is not merely a victory made possible by reproductive technology, it is made possible by people opening their hearts and wanting to give and sacrifice for another. The beauty of this process is the camaraderie and collaboration between people that would otherwise be unrelated, and now bonded by a life they have created and nurtured together. We celebrate with our clients when they reach “miracle milestones”- a  positive pregnancy; the first heartbeat; a healthy delivery. We have many reasons to rejoice daily! It is a privilege to fulfill our company’s mission of enabling individuals to achieve their right to reproduction and experience the joy of parenthood, which at some point was almost not possible for them.  

PARHAM ZAR, Managing Director at EDSI

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