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Learn how we can help you build your family, no matter where you are in the world. Explore our Egg Donor and Surrogate Programs. Live the dream of becoming a parent!

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Become a Surrogate

Nurture a precious life in your womb and give the gift of parenthood. We make it our commitment to be your advocate, holding your hand through the process, and providing the maximum rewards and appreciation for the service you do.

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Become an Egg Donor

Give Intended Parents the best chance of bringing a healthy child into this world. We commit to making sure you are fully informed and supported as you go through the process.

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About Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute (EDSI)

You have the right to experience the joy and wonder of parenthood.  That is the mission of Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute.  We seamlessly orchestrate your fertility journey through your pregnancy and delivery.  We are your hand holders.  Intended parents, surrogates and egg donors will see that the key to your success is that we focus on cultivating relationships, screening for quality and delivering you a highly reliable amount of support and care.

For over 20 years, we have taken pride in being known as your “preferred agency for hands-on personalized service” in the third party reproductive industry. Our team of professionals specialize in building families, and invite you to join the thousands of parents, surrogates and egg donors who have become part of the EDSI family.

EDSI is an international surrogacy agency that works to build families all over the world. Whether you are located in the United States or abroad, we ensure that your experience is legal, safe, and filled with love.

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Glendale, CA / Egg Donor

Registering with EDSI was a great experience. They took care of me and were always informative, on top of things, and very caring.

Veronica C.
Fontana, CA / Surrogate

This team of people is absolutely amazing! Not only are they involved every step of the way when you start the surrogate journey, but even after giving birth you’re a priority to them. I had such a wonderful experience working with everyone, and I can’t wait to work with them again! Love you guys!

Helena P.
Thousand Oaks, CA / Intended Parent

We are so grateful to have found such a caring and helpful staff to guide us through the process

International Program

Since our founding, parents from many countries have found the EDSI Concierge Service to be advantageous in beginning a family.

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Get Financing

Do you need an affordable payment plan? If you are a US resident, you can apply for a loan of up to $100,000 and get an instant response.

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