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EDSI International Surrogacy Program

Thousands of Intended Parents have come to us from all over the world. Because we have helped so many parents begin their family in this country, we are uniquely aware of the challenges you may face as you build your family with providers who are in the United States. If you reside in another country, you will enjoy our concierge service because we have designed it to be particularly responsive to you, our international clientele.   

You will enjoy these concierge services, plus more

What Is an International Surrogacy Program?

The EDSI International Surrogacy Program is designed specifically for you if you are an intended parent that lives outside the United States. It was created because many of our clients live in a country that has not legalized surrogacy, so you have no options at home. EDSI is your chosen agency because of our professional, safe, and experienced team that helps you build your family.

This type of surrogacy is Gestational Surrogacy, meaning the Surrogate carries an embryo that has no biological relationship to her. The egg and sperm are from the Intended Parents or Egg/Sperm Donor. The Embryo is then implanted in your Surrogate using In-Vitro Fertilization.

How Do I Find Surrogates In The United States?

EDSI created the International Surrogacy Program because Intended Parents like you have found that it is best to work with an agency to find a surrogate in the United States. We will show you surrogates who have been thoroughly vetted and are ready to work with international parents. We have helped international parents like you from all over the world. We will provide you with surrogates who have been expertly matched to your unique needs.

As an Intended Parent you will be matched with your surrogate based on your compatibility and shared goals. As international parents, you may be interested in finding Surrogates who are more likely to send emails, videos and pictures so that you can more easily be part of the entire process. For more information about our International Surrogacy Program, connect with our team today.

We are very happy to accommodate your individual requests.
If you feel our International Surrogacy program may serve your needs, let’s have a conversation.  

How Much Does International Surrogacy Cost?

Surrogacy costs are based on many different factors:
. the type of surrogacy that you want to pursue
.the surrogate you choose
. the number of embryos implanted
.type of insurance for the surrogate and newborn
. Legal process including contracts, parental rights and citizenship for the child.
many other variables.
Often, International Surrogacy requires some additional services so it may add to the cost of the journey.

Agency fees are typically straightforward and do not change, but there are some expenses that can vary. For more information about surrogacy costs, please reach out to our team.

How Involved Are Parents During International Surrogacy?

Parents are typically highly involved in international surrogacy. Parents participate in the medical process, including the IVF procedure. They coordinate with fertility clinics and often provide sperm and egg samples. They stay informed about the surrogate’s medical appointments and progress. Throughout the pregnancy, parents maintain regular communication with the surrogate and the agency. This can include virtual meetings, updates, and visits to the surrogate’s country if possible. Parents typically travel the birth of their child. They are involved in post-birth processes, such as hospital arrangements, obtaining birth certificates, and securing travel documents for their newborn. Throughout the process, the level of involvement can vary based on the specific circumstances and agreements made with the surrogacy agency and the surrogate. However, most parents remain actively engaged to ensure a smooth and successful surrogacy journey.