International Program - Reproductive Health Clinic California - Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute (EDSI)

International Program


We are aware that residing in another country can pose challenges as you build your family with providers who are here in the US. Having worked with hundreds of clients from different continents, we’ve designed our concierge service to be particularly responsive to our international clientele.

Our concierge service includes and is not limited to:

  • Standing on your behalf for all appointments and meetings with Surrogates, Donors, Doctors, Lawyers, etc
  • Handling all paperwork, including translation and notarization.
  • Facilitating online calls and bridging the language gap (if any). For our Chinese clients, we have a full-time translator in-house.
  • Personally checking up on your Surrogate and providing updates on the pregnancy and the health of the child as frequent as you require
  • Medical tourism arrangements when you visit the US (need for accommodations, transportation, medical providers, etc)
  • We are very happy to accommodate particular requests. Please just let us know!