Surrogacy Myths: Truth vs. Fiction

Every day, there are new misconceptions and myths surrounding surrogacy popping up – sometimes they are based in reality, and sometimes they aren’t. If you are just starting out on your surrogacy journey, whether you want to be a surrogate or you need help starting your family, these myths can be scary and put you off from doing it altogether. In particular, Sacramento surrogacy agencies see these myths quite often and have worked to eliminate them.

But what is the truth? Read on to find out.

Misconception: Surrogacy Is Only For Celebrities Or Those Who Have Money To Burn

Why wouldn’t people think this – the only surrogacy stories we really hear about are those of celebrities. The truth is that the cost of surrogacy is almost impossible to predict on your own. Surrogacy fees and expenses can vary quite a bit based on the needs of the intended parent or parents. For example, those families who can use the egg of an intended parent will face fewer costs than those who need to use an egg donor. Sometimes, people will use a known-donor or known-surrogate, which can also cut back on expenses.

The cost of medical care, health insurance, and daily care of surrogates will also vary quite a bit. To cut costs, you can work with a surrogacy agency that will help to plan for and mitigate some of these costs. Of course, there are also surrogacy agencies that take payment plans, offer to finance, and have discounts in some cases. Make sure that you research them to ensure that they aren’t too good to be true.

Misconception: Women Who Choose Surrogacy Are Judged

Many women who opt for surrogacy are afraid that the world at large will judge them for that decision. Sometimes, people assume that they are trying to save their figures or avoid pregnancy. In some cases, this is true. Women are busier than ever and sometimes cannot take the time to go through the emotional and physical toll of pregnancy, but they want to be parents: this is fine. Any surrogacy agency you want to work with will not judge you for wanting to become a parent using a surrogate.

However, most women who do go through surrogacy do so because they cannot carry babies by themselves. Anyone who really matters to those women will know the journey they took to become parents and should not judge them.

Myth: Surrogates Will Try To Take Parental Custody Of The Child

One of the biggest fears that intended parents have is that they will lose their child to the surrogate. Maybe they believe that their baby will be so cute that the surrogate mother will want it, that the surrogate mother will bond with the baby, or the surrogate will just take the baby as that was the goal the entire time. Thankfully, this is a misconception. Most surrogacy agencies will request that both the intended parents and the surrogate undergo extensive psychological evaluations prior to entering a surrogacy agreement. This will help to weed out those who may have nefarious intentions.

Still, agencies can connect intended parents and surrogates with attorneys who can help them throughout the process. In most cases, the agreement is that the surrogate and gestational carriers will not have any legal parentage rights of the child.

Misconception: It Takes A Long Time To Bond With A Baby Born of Surrogacy

Many parents fear that if they aren’t around the pregnancy every waking moment, they will have trouble bonding with the child. This isn’t true. The bonding process begins after the child is born – the people who take care of the child and nurture him or her will be the ones to have the bond. The truth is that sometimes, bonds take some time to form: even for “traditionally” born children. Still, children grow to know the people around them incredibly quickly, so you do not have to worry.

Ready to Be A Parent?

Becoming a parent via a surrogate is one of the most amazing steps you can take in your life. It will give you a lifelong bond not only with your child, but with an amazing surrogate. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.


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