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Common Infertility Myths

Have you been trying to conceive for a few months without any success? Do you worry that you may be infertile? If so, there are numerous resources you can seek for help. You can speak to a fertility specialist, research online, or talk to someone you know who has gone through similar experiences. There’s no shortage of aid available for people who are struggling with infertility today. However, along with the surplus of good, there is also a lot of misinformation out there as well. Here are a few common myths about infertility you may come across in your research:

Myth: Infertility is Rare

Truth: Infertility is actually quite common. On average, one out of six couples experiences infertility issues. Even though it may feel otherwise, you’re not alone in your struggles. There are numerous support groups available to help you get through this. Contact us to learn more about support groups available to you.

Myth: Wait a year before seeking help

Truth: You are your best advocate. If you think you’ve been experiencing irregular periods, multiple miscarriages, or any other alarming symptoms, you should seek medical assistance. It’s better to react sooner than later, especially if age might be an issue. You know your body better than anyone else; therefore, you’ll be the best judge of whether something is wrong or not.

Myth: An infertile woman is unhealthy

Truth: Infertility doesn’t always mean that you’re sick. While it’s true that some infertility is caused by certain illnesses, it’s not always the case. Sometimes a woman can be perfectly healthy in every aspect except for her ability to conceive. And, in some instances, infertility is due to the male partner.

Myth: Treatment for infertility is expensive

Truth: Some infertility treatments can be fairly high. However, some states offer reasonable insurance plans to help pay for some of the costs. Read more about California’s insurance plan here. Also, most companies will help you set up a payment plan that is affordable for you.

At EDSI, we believe that everyone should enjoy the blessings of parenthood. If you have any questions concerning infertility, surrogacy, or egg donation, please contact us.



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