Surrogacy California: How Do Intended Parents and Surrogates Get Matched?

How Do Intended Parents and Surrogates Get Matched?

Sometimes, the biggest worry people have as they enter the surrogacy process (whether they are the intended parents (IPs) or the surrogates) is how they will get matched with each other. We all have horrible memories of being picked last in gym class or not getting asked to dance at homecoming, so the thought of reliving those experiences can actually stop people from doing it at all. However, with a great surrogacy agency, you don’t have to worry about that.

Matching a surrogate and the intended parent or parents is the key to forming a great relationship and ensuring that everyone is comfortable throughout the process.

The Matching Process For Surrogates

For surrogates, they go through a very thorough process that qualifies them or disqualifies them based on a variety of criteria, including age, physical health, mental health, and interviews. If you are interested in being a surrogate, you can create a profile that highlights everything about yourself that you think would be appealing to intended parents. You can create your profile to be as creative as you want: fill it with information about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, photos, and other fun facts based on who you are. Everything goes through our agency so we guarantee that your information is kept private.

Once you are accepted and have created a profile, there is a bit of waiting game. You have to wait until intended parents see your profile and decide that you are may be the right fit for them. Traditionally, the number of surrogates is smaller than the number of families needing a surrogate, so the wait might not be long at all, especially for those who have been surrogates in the past.

The Matching Process for Intended Parents

When an intended parent or parents want to grow their family, they will often reach out to a surrogacy agency for help. They will learn about the process and determine if they want to proceed. Part of that discussion will center around important questions of budgets, timelines, and other medical factors. The answers to these questions can help direct intended parents to particular surrogates. With an agency, the experts already know many of the surrogates that are available for matching, and they can help steer intended parents to the profiles of surrogates that might best fit their needs. We keep our databases updated so that the information we have is the most recent and up to date – there are no surprises that way.

Intended parents look through our database and find someone who they think will be a good match. Then, the professionals arrange for a match.

How Do Intended Parents and Surrogates Get Matched?

All surrogacy agencies look to create compatible, comfortable relationships between surrogates and intended parents. The success that we have in matching surrogates with intended parents has a lot to do with the work we do ahead of time (questioning and building portfolios), but the majority of it is focused on ensuring that the surrogate has everything that she needs and creating a clear line of communication between all parties.

We make every effort to get to know the surrogates we have and the intended parents who want to use our services. The more open and honest everyone is, the more likely that the match will be a happy one.

Once intended parents have selected a surrogate and the surrogate agrees to meet, we can facilitate a meeting between the two parties. Sometimes that meeting will be in person if both parties are comfortable with that, or sometimes they will held over Skype. Either way, the goal is to first see if the parties are as compatible off page as they are on page – and that doesn’t always happen.

If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today. We can give you all of the information that you need to make the best decision for your family.


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