Why Should Gay Couples Work with a Surrogacy Agency?

If you want to take the surrogacy journey, you absolutely need to work with a surrogacy agency that you know you can trust. For most people, going with a surrogacy agency offers peace of mind for a few different reasons. The primary reason is that you will have people holding your hand and helping you to make decisions that are safe, legal, and smart. 

For gay couples, it becomes even more important to work with a surrogacy agency to become parents. While the process is the same, there are some nuances here and there that an agency will help you navigate. They include:

You Work With People Who Know The Ins & Outs Of Surrogacy

Surrogacy can get pretty complicated. Not complicated enough to not do it, but complicated enough that you should work with someone who knows what they are doing. Sometimes, there are situations that benefit from having someone who has been there before. A surrogacy agency has experts that can help to smooth out any bumps and make the process that much easier. Even more importantly, they will handle all of the behind-the-scenes work that can take a lot of time.

When the experts focus on that stuff, you get to focus on enjoying your journey and preparing for the baby.

Surrogacy Has A Lot Of Laws & Regulations

As you can imagine, there is a lot of paperwork and regulations involved in surrogacy. Some states are friendlier than others when it comes to surrogacy. Your own journey will be restricted to your state, the state where your Surrogate lives, and the state where your agency is. 

Before you even start going through the surrogacy process, the agency will help you to understand what the laws are for every state, how they impact you, and how to ensure you proceed legally and safely for everyone. The agency has people who stay on top of any changes or shifts so that everyone is up to date.

Someone Will Always Be Looking Out For You

While everyone always hopes that the process is extremely smooth and easy, the truth is that problems can emerge and bumps in the road happen. Having an agency means that you have a built-in support system that is looking for your best interests, the best interests of the baby, and the best interests of your Surrogate. Having an agency of experts means that you will have someone who can walk you through every decision that you make. They can connect you to other Intended Parents, match you with your Surrogate, and ensure you work with the best doctors.

With an agency, you will have connections that you will not get any other way.

EDSI Will Guide Your Surrogacy Journey

Having a guiding hand through any change in your life is important. When you become a parent, you will learn from those around you who have already been there. Working with a surrogacy agency can help you to:

  • Match with Egg Donors and Surrogates.
  • Coordinate medical care including OB/GYN and hospital stays for your Surrogate.
  • Connect you to parental support groups;
  • Provide you with a support system throughout pregnancy;
  • Assist with the legal elements of surrogacy;
  • Preparing for the birth;
  • Detailing financial support

As agencies have been through this before, they likely have a formula they will follow that works. EDSI continues to learn and grow, finding new and better ways to serve our Intended Parents, Egg Donors, and Surrogates on a daily basis.

Ready To Start Your Surrogacy Journey? Contact Us Today

Surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life forever. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.


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