5 Myths About Being A Surrogate – And The Truth Behind Them

There are many different myths out there about becoming a Surrogate and what it will mean for your life. Some of these myths are closely related to reality, and others are completely off base. While we enjoy some of those movies and TV shows that highlight surrogacy, it can be difficult to fight some of the stereotypes and misconceptions they reinforce.

These are the most common myths and misconceptions that we see on a regular basis:

Myth – Anyone Is Able To Be A Surrogate

This one is difficult because while technically almost any woman in good health could be a Surrogate, that isn’t how it works in reality. A woman who wants to be a Surrogate needs to meet a lengthy list of requirements, including age and weight requirements as well as physical and background checks. 

Women cannot be a Surrogate if they haven’t had their own children or they no longer have legal custody of their children.

Myth – As A Surrogate, I Will Need To Carry Multiple Babies

You will not need to carry multiples. However, if you are willing to carry multiple children, it may open up your possibilities and increase the amount of money you will make as a Surrogate. Even so, you can indicate that on your Surrogate profile, and potential parents will know right away whether that is an option for you.

The same is true for becoming a repeat Surrogate – if you aren’t willing to get pregnant again, you have no obligation to do so.

Myth – It Isn’t Legal For Me To Be A Surrogate

While it is true that some states and countries have very, very strict laws about surrogacy, there are other states that aren’t so strict about it. Just because you live in a state where surrogacy has tighter regulations doesn’t disqualify you from being one. 

If you want to become a Surrogate in the United States, it is possible for you to do so, though it may be more difficult. You can always travel into states that have more lenient laws surrounding surrogacy, including California, Arizona, and a few others. 

If you have any questions about the legality of surrogacy, feel free to reach out to EDSI and we can help you better understand your options.

Myth – I Will Be Related To The Baby I Carry

With very, very few exceptions, this is absolutely not true. In fact, it is safer for everyone involved that the Surrogate Mother is not related to the baby she carries, even if the Intended Parents need to use an Egg Donor. 

Most Intended Parents will go through their agency for both the Egg Donor and Surrogate if this is the case, helping to ensure that everything is on the right track and all of the information needed is correct.

Myth – I Will Be Able To Gain Legal Custody Of The Child If I Form A Connection

This one is definitely not true at all. Any fertility clinic and surrogacy agency will ask potential Surrogates to undergo a psychological evaluation prior to signing any contracts or entering into a surrogacy agreement. This ensures that you are mentally prepared to be a Surrogate.

Often, both Intended Parents and Surrogates will work with reproductive lawyers to ensure that everything is on the right side of the law. When this is done, it is impossible for the Surrogate Mother to gain custody of the child.

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