Using an Egg Donor Database: A Guide For Intended Parents

If this is your first time considering egg donation and using an Egg Donor in California, you probably don’t know how to use an Egg Donor database like the one we have. That’s okay! This isn’t the type of thing that you’ve been through before and it can be complicated. We’ve worked to make it as easy as possible, but there are some things you may be wondering about when you just start.

So let’s dive in – here are some things you may need to know about using an Egg Donor:

You Will Get A Lot of Key Information

All of our Egg Donors have been pre-vetted and have filled out information sheets that will help you to make your decision. You will get a biography of the Egg Donor, education information, medical history, genetic history, and her motivation for donating her eggs. 

Of course, you will also get information about what they look like, their ethnicity, family background and some of the outward genetic markers that they may pass on to your child. You can find Egg Donors from a wide variety of backgrounds, including different ethnicities, religions, and more.

How To Narrow It Down

Within the Egg Donor Database, you will be able to narrow down your options to certain criteria. Often, as an Intended Parent, you might want to find Egg Donors who physically resembles you. For example, you may want an Egg Donor who has a certain eye color or hair color to match yours.

You might also want to narrow down the database to specific types of women. Maybe you want an Egg Donor who has a musical aptitude or someone who is an athlete. 

If you want to work with someone who has already been an Egg Donor, you can even search for that.

Some Information Requires An Account

Of course, you can browse our database without making an account, but there are some things that you won’t be able to see without an account. We do this to help maintain the security and safety of our Egg Donors as well as to help them remain discreet.

If you are interested in working with EDSI and using an Egg Donor, please reach out to our team to get more access to the database, which includes more complete profile information.

Interested In Building Your Family Through Egg Donation? Give Us A Call Today

Throughout your egg donor journey, we recruit Egg Donors and Surrogates to match them with you as an Intended Parent, whether you cannot conceive on your own, whether you are a single parent or gay parents. From there, we seamlessly orchestrate the fertility journey through pregnancy and delivery. We make it a rule to be active problem solvers and advocates for our clients, making your experience pleasant and hassle-free.

It would be our honor to help you grow your family. Please give us a call today so that we can start building your family on your own schedule. We look forward to continuing our conversation with you.



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