The Best Pregnancy Apps For Intended Parents

Thanks to technology, parenthood has changed a lot. There are many things that are easier because of technology and a lot of things that are harder because of it. You are going to have to think through many things that you never thought about before when it comes to your use of social media and other forms of technology.

One thing we do suggest, however, is that you download some pregnancy apps. This may seem strange because you aren’t physically pregnant, but it can help you feel like the important part of the puzzle that you are.

Here are some of our favorites:

What to Expect

You’ve probably heard about the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” book before, and this app has all of that same information and then some other information. The app is focused primarily on pregnancy, helping to give you insight into the milestones a pregnant woman will experience and, perhaps even more importantly for you, what your baby will be doing through. 

The app goes beyond pregnancy too, helping to give advice about babies and toddlers. You will be able to download this as soon as your Surrogate gets pregnant and keep it for the first few years of your child’s life.

Baby Center

A great app that doesn’t have as much name recognition is the Baby Center app. You may have been on the website if you already have children, or you may have heard about it from your friends. This is the perfect resource for Intended Parents and for Surrogates because it allows for personalized tracking of your baby. There is also a good community of people, including people who are working with Surrogates to achieve parenthood.

Their app has some of the most detailed, up-to-date information and you can get countdowns that help you keep track of exactly where your baby is. It also offers daily information and bite-size tidbits that won’t overwhelm you.

WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD is a resource for many people, and sometimes it isn’t the best tool. Too many of us have used it to self-diagnose illnesses, but there are some other ways to use it too. WebMD has a pregnancy app that will help Intended Parents who maybe haven’t been near someone who has been pregnant before. It has all of the same information that you’ll find on other apps, but it also has a ton of great questions that you can ask your doctor to gain insight into your journey.

You can also see some insightful photos of what your baby’s development will look like, get some great checklists to help you prepare for the birth, and a thriving community.


This app is the perfect option for Intended Fathers. The ProDaddy app gives you the kind of insights and information that you need without talking down to you or assuming that you just know specific things. There is some great information here, but it is presented from a slightly different angle. It will help you to pick out baby gear, learn how to feed and diaper baby, and give you some daily tips to make the transition to fatherhood easier.

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