What To Look For In A US Surrogacy Agency

If you are looking for a US surrogacy agency to help you become a parent, but you live outside of the United States, what should you be looking for? It can be scary to work with an agency that isn’t an easy car ride away, but there are many reasons why someone comes to the United States for their surrogacy journey. Many international parents have gone through the process a few times.

Not all international surrogacy agencies are created equally, however. There are some agencies that are perfectly fine for domestic surrogacy, but when it comes to international surrogacy, they don’t have the experience or the team to handle it. How can you know if you found the best US surrogacy agency for international intended parents? Look for these elements:

Channels Of Communication Already In Place

It’s important that your international surrogacy agency already has a communication strategy already in place for their international intended parents. It’s highly likely that you will be in a different time zone than your surrogacy agency, so you need to work around it. Usually email is the primary and best way to communicate, but there needs to be another option as well.

Whether they use Zoom, WeChat, Skype, or some other form of texting or video calling app, be sure they already use it and have it in place. You don’t want to be the test subject as they learn how to use everything.

A Legal Team

Having a knowledgeable staff is the bare minimum for an international surrogacy agency. In the United States, surrogacy is controlled by the state and sometimes there are differences in different parts of those states. Having a staff that is connected to a legal team is imperative for any surrogacy agency and it becomes even more important for those working with international intended parents.

A legal team ensures that everything will go smoothly before your child is born, throughout the birthing process, and then when you are ready to take your child home with you.

The best international surrogacy agencies don’t necessarily need to have a lawyer as a full-time staff member, but they need to have an existing relationship with a lawyer who specializes in international surrogacy.

Experience With International Clients

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to give someone without a ton of experience work, but that isn’t necessarily the case with surrogacy. You want to work with an agency that has a proven track record of success in international surrogacy. They have surrogates and egg donors who are willing to work with international intended parents and comfortable doing so.

When talking to surrogacy agencies, be sure to ask for review from intended parents that are international, and if possible, from your part of the world. This will help you make your decision and feel comfortable about working with a company.

Surrogates Who Are Ready To Go

Having surrogates that are ready to get started is important for international parents because this can be a lengthy process. Chances are, you have been looking to start your journey for a long time now and trying to find someone instead of going with an agency that already has surrogates who are ready to go can make it last even longer.


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Posted by / September 26, 2021