Choosing The Best Surrogacy Agency: 3 New Tips

Deciding on a surrogacy agency to work with to become a parent can be really difficult. There are a lot of options and everyone promises big things, but do they really deliver? There are a ton of tips about picking the best surrogacy agency in California, the best surrogacy agency for gay parents, the best surrogacy agency for single parents, and on and on. 

However, we think the best tips are pretty universal. It may seem strange to compare it to something like finding a good tree service or plumber, but it is a really similar experience. You cannot just choose the first name that you see. You need to do some research.

Check Social Media

We check social media all the time, whether we matched with someone on Bumble and need to check up on them or before we go to a restaurant, so why not check social media when looking at surrogacy agencies? It isn’t silly, in fact, it is smart. Many surrogacy agencies will have reviews on social media, videos that you can watch to get to know the people who work there, and informational sessions that you can attend.

Be sure to check out Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, in particular, as they often have the most content. It gets updated regularly, so check back every so often to see if there is something new. Don’t be afraid to go back a few years or ask questions on social media either.

Ask About Success Stories

The next thing you want to do is ask about success stories that aren’t listed on the website. You may want to ask about situations that are similar to yours. For example, have they worked with gay couples before now? How about single parents? Do they work with couples who need an egg donor? What about a sperm donor? 

Websites and social media are filled with stories, but you don’t always know the details of those stories. Be sure to ask whether or not they’ve worked with someone like you and how that went. If possible, see if you can reach out to those couples and find out from them what it was like. Sometimes that won’t be possible, as any reputable surrogacy agency won’t give out information without permission, but sometimes it will be.

Take Your Time

Many surrogacy agencies will try to sell you on the “time is running out” strategy so that you make a decision quickly. However, we won’t do that. It is important that you take your time throughout this process so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, you know what to expect, you know how much it will cost, and you will know that you had the best experience possible.

We know that you are ready to become a parent, but sometimes it will pay to sit back and wait just a little longer. We have Surrogates and Donors who are ready to work with you, but it needs to be on your own schedule.

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