Becoming A Parent Through Surrogacy: What To Know

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is a daunting task for many people. It isn’t something to be afraid of, but it is something that you should know a little bit about before you start moving through the process. 

If you decide to work with a surrogacy agency, you will be able to have a ton of guidance throughout your journey toward parenthood. At EDSI, we can help you to traverse through the steps and make the hard decisions.

Step 1: Determine If Surrogacy Is For You

The first thing you want to do is determine whether or not you want to become a parent through surrogacy. Often, parents will come to us when they have exhausted their options or if they know that surrogacy is the only way they can become parents. 

Of course, there are other ways to become a parent, so you need to determine if this is the journey for you. You need to follow your heart and do what feels right for your journey. Don’t do what you think you “should” do, but instead do what feels right.

Step 2: Do Some Research

The next thing you need to do is look for information about surrogacy. That may be why you ended up on this blog! By doing research about what surrogacy is like, what the different terms mean, and the timeline that you can expect, you will be armed with valuable information moving forward.

There is a lot to know, so you don’t have to worry if some things are a bit confusing or you don’t understand all of it. That is why you work with an agency! 

Speaking of agencies, you also want to do some research about different surrogacy agencies and what they will help you with, how they operate, and their success rates. There are a ton of surrogacy agencies opening up every month, but they don’t all have the best reputations.

Once you pick your surrogacy agency, you can move rather quickly.

Step 3: Start Your Surrogate Search

Once you’ve decided on an agency, you will start your search for the right Surrogate. This can take a long time as you look through the different options or it can be quick, it just depends on what you are looking for and the agency you use. At EDSI, we have pre-screened Surrogates available that will make the process move much more quickly if you’d like.

Once you’ve picked a Surrogate, there will be medical exams, discussions, and many, many small details to be ironed out before pregnancy.

Step 4: Pregnancy

After an embryo transfer process, your Surrogate will become pregnant with the baby and carry him or her to term. This is a wonderful time of your life where you will be able to plan for your baby and get everything ready to be the best parents you can be. Your Surrogate will be taken care of by the best professionals and you will always have updated information so that you really feel like you are a part of everything.

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Throughout the surrogacy journey, we recruit Egg Donors and Surrogates to match them with Intended Parents, including single parents and gay parents. From there, we seamlessly orchestrate the fertility journey through pregnancy and delivery. We make it a rule to be active problem solvers and advocates for our clients, making their experiences pleasant and hassle-free.

It would be our honor to help you grow your family. Please give us a call today so that we can start building your family on your own schedule. We look forward to speaking with you.



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