The Role Meditation Plays in San Francisco Surrogacy

Many people have been preaching about the benefits of meditation – and it is certainly something to talk about when it comes to overall health. However, if you are becoming a surrogate through San Francisco surrogacy or you are pregnant, mediation can actually play a huge role in your mental, physical, and emotional health. It can even establish a habit that will carry you through the rest of your life.

Whenever you are pregnant, there can be a certain amount of anxiety. For women who choose to become surrogates, there is some added pressure there. You need to find healthy ways to dissipate that pressure and stress. Meditation can be a way to do that in just a few minutes every day.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced, but it is also accessible to all of us. It is a mental exercise that involves relaxation, awareness, and focus. Most people will do it in the seated position, focusing on their breathing and keeping their eyes closed.

Its aim is to bring awareness to your body and your mind, bringing them together to focus on what really matters. It is utilized in different religions, health practices, and even sports.

Why Meditation Helps Surrogates

Meditation helps to release a lot of what you are holding inside of yourself when you are a surrogate. It can help to tamper down some of the anxiety that many people feel, allowing you to empty your mind and focus on what matters. It is way too easy to get yourself worked up over things that aren’t important. Of course, meditation also gives you time for yourself, time to focus on how you feel and how your body is responding to pregnancy.

Meditation has been able to help surrogate mothers get better sleep, stay positive, release tension, and can even reduce sickness.

What Kind Of Meditation Is Good For Surrogates?

There are many different types of meditation out there, and most of them will not have a negative impact on your health. However, there are certain mantras or focuses that will help you to be more present and available during your pregnancy. These are very general categories that can be specified with specific classes.


Meditation For Positivity: One of the best types of meditation for surrogates is a meditation for positive. Often, these are categorized as “letting go” meditations. Essentially, includes a breathing exercise where you bring something positive to yourself on the inhale and release a negative feeling or emotion on the exhale. You can focus on one specific feeling for an entire session or you can focus on multiple, it just depends on how you are feeling.

If you aren’t sure what you want to let go, you can simply inhale on the word “let” and exhale on the word “go” to get the benefits.


Meditation For Body Awareness: When you are pregnant, it can sometimes feel like your body isn’t your own. You aren’t sure what you are feeling, how everything fits together, and what is just your new normal. With a focused meditation session, you can eliminate that feeling. Start by sitting however you are comfortable (or even laying down if that helps) and breathe deeply. Focus on your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Take a few breaths for each part of your body, focusing on how they feel. Release any tension that you may have and take note of what isn’t helped in that session.

This is the perfect meditation to do at night when you are having trouble falling asleep – when people are really good at it, they will fall asleep by the time they reach their thighs.


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