The 7 Best Baby Shower Gifts For Surrogate Pregnancy in California

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine what to get someone for their baby shower if they worked with a surrogacy agency in California. However, it really shouldn’t be that difficult – most of the presents that you would get a newborn baby through a traditional pregnancy are applicable here. Of course, there are a few things that may not work out, but you should be able to choose them fairly easily.

Even so, here are a few options for baby shower gifts that sometimes people forget about when they are blinded by the cutesy gifts that are pushed nowadays:


There is nothing wrong with getting diapers for baby shower – after all, parents are going to go through them at an unprecedented rate. However, some parents are moving away from using plastic covered diapers and instead want to use other kinds, so it may be something to think about if you think your friend will go down this route. Another thing to consider is this – babies grow extremely quickly and will grow out of their diapers. You may want to buy a larger size to help the parents later on down the line. Even if you buy smaller diapers, most stores will allow people to trade their diapers in for larger sizes.


Instilling a love of reading in a child is important – and starting early is the best bet to do this. If you have a book that you particularly love (one that is appropriate for children), you may want to purchase that book. Add a little note in the front to make this gift even more personalized.

Clothes For An Older Child

Many people love to buy the tiny little clothes for newborns and the first few months of life – but resist that temptation. Instead, buy clothes for an older child who is learning how to feed themselves and will end up going through much more clothing.

Gift Certificates

If you aren’t sure what to get someone, don’t get them anything concrete. Instead, get gift certificates. You can be creative here and get gift certificates for big box stores, baby specific stores, restaurants, meal delivery, babysitting apps, spas, or whatever else you think the parents and baby will like.

A Door Sign

How many times has someone just about gotten their fussy baby to sleep, only to have a delivery service knock on their door to wake up the baby? Consider getting a door sign for the home that simply alerts delivery people, mail people, door to door salespeople, and visitors that the baby is asleep and they shouldn’t knock loudly or ring the doorbell.

Photography Session

While we all have phones in our hands at all times, most of us no longer have cameras. Get a gift certificate to a professional photo session to get something that your friend or loved one will cherish.

Pacifier Tethers

Pacifiers are extremely helpful for newborn babies, but they can also cause stress. A lost pacifier can completely end an outing – so prevent their loss with a pacifier tether. While these were once simple straps, they have graduated into fashionable accessories for some babies. Look for blinged-out tethers that they can pair with outfits.

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