Surrogacy Options: For LGBTQ+ Parents

Anderson Cooper of CNN, is the newest known celebrity to have a child via surrogacy. During the on-air announcement he took time to thank the help and love of his surrogate mother. Many other gay celebrities over the years have turned to Gestational Surrogacy to help build their families. High profile celebrities like Elton John, Andy Cohen, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ryan Murphy have had children using the help of a surrogate mother.

Many states in the U.S. today still make it harder for parents who identify as gay compared to traditional couples or even single parents. Mr. Cooper’s public announcement raised many questions and drove the conversation about LGBTQ rights and surrogacy options to the forefront once again. 

What You Need To Know

LGBTQ Intended Parents first should know that California leads the nation with the most relaxed requirements for gay parents looking into gestational surrogacy as a way to build their families. For same sex couples, they should work with a surrogate who lives in California or will deliver the baby in state.

For those surrogate mothers that will deliver the baby in California, Intended Parents will find they have the below options.

IVF Clinics That Cater To LGBTQ Parents

Many clinics through out California understand the unique needs that gay parents may have: from assisting with finding an egg source or sperm source to guiding the conversation about how both parents can be genetically involved. 

Surrogates Comfortable With LGBTQ Parents 

We take pride in our matching process. Most surrogate mothers that we work with at EDSI have thought very deeply about their decision to become a surrogate mother. We ensure that we ask our surrogates prior to presenting them to you about their personal preferences regarding their journey. We personally match our surrogate mothers and Intended Parents to foster the best relationship possible.  

How You Are Recognized As The Legal Parent

Once your surrogate is pregnant, there are many legal matters that you may find overwhelming. However having an agency to help guide you through this process will significantly help. We are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In the state of California, parents are required to file legal documents to establish parentage. Your EDSI team will help with submitting the documents listed below and any others that may arise throughout your process.

Before the Delivery:  Your Pre-Birth Order (PBO)

This document is submitted to the court by our legal team on your behalf. It will state that the surrogate mother is not the legal or genetic parent of the baby she is carrying. This will ensure that when the baby is born you are declared the legal parents on the birth certificate. This is so you are allowed to make medical decisions for your newborn. 

*An original copy is also sent to the hospital prior to the delivery of your baby.

After the Delivery:  Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

Shortly after the delivery, our staff will assist you in completing the birth certificate documents so you are declared, by the state of California, as the legal parents. California is one of the few states in the country that has non-gender conforming labels on the original birth certificate. Parents are only identified as “Parent 1” or “Parent 2”.

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