Surrogacy In USA: Costs, Laws, Limitations & More

If you’ve been doing research on surrogacy in the USA, you may fear that it is just out of your reach financially. Fortunately for you, there are affordable options for surrogacy in the USA. There are also ways to make it more affordable for you, even if it still seems like it is out of your price range. Becoming a parent is a truly miraculous thing and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity because of money.

International Surrogacy Costs In USA

When breaking down international surrogacy costs in the United States, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Not every international surrogacy agency is going to have these fees, and there may be additional costs, but in general you can expect to pay:

  • Agency fees
  • Surrogate costs
  • Medical fees
  • Insurance
  • Legal fees

Agency fees give you access to the agency and everything that to provide. This includes their connections within the medical industry, their expertise in surrogacy, their roster of surrogates and egg donors, and more. Working with an agency is the safest way to become a parent, especially for international parents who want to use surrogacy in the USA. You will need to plan for a retainer cost for your agency. Often, this can be broken up into payments throughout the process.

Surrogate Costs

Of course, your surrogate needs to be paid as well. She is using her time, energy, and body to help you grow your family. There is a certain amount of risk in being pregnant as well as wear-and-tear on the body. An experienced surrogate or those surrogates who are willing to carry multiples may have higher fees.

Medical Fees

Another large portion of your international surrogacy costs is medical fees. Despite being a beautiful journey for the intended parents, we cannot forget that this is a medical procedure. Surrogates will not only go through the IVF procedures, but they need to be routinely monitored, checked, and treated for any problems. Then, the birthing process requires medical care as well. Insurance may cover a part of this, but you will need to consider insurance as an additional expense because more private insurance companies in the United States do not cover surrogacy.  Your surrogacy agency can help you figure out how to get insurance for your surrogate.

Legal Fees

Finally, there are legal fees that you want to consider as well. Different states will have different processes and, therefore, different costs. You want to ensure that the legal paperwork gets done correctly and that everyone knows exactly what they are doing. An agency often has a lawyer that works with them and gives them a special deal.

International Surrogacy Can Save On Medical Costs

The United States isn’t necessarily known for its affordable medical system, but there are some things you need to consider: namely medical costs after your child is born. The United States has an advanced medical system and ranks extremely high for safe deliveries.

Depending on where you are from, there is a chance that any unique medical needs of your child may require specialists that need to travel to you, specialists who are extremely expensive, and medical treatment that isn’t available to you.


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