New York State Now Legalizing Paid Gestational Surrogacy

After years of EDSI spearheading the fight to legalize surrogacy in New York, sponsors were delighted to hear that New York officials passed a bill that would now make commercial gestational surrogacy legal. As of February 15, 2021, residents will be able to enter into paid surrogacy contracts.

The legal aspects of surrogacy vary state by state. Surrogacy agreements are mostly recognized throughout the U.S. except for 4 states currently; New York (changing in 2021), Nebraska, Michigan, and Louisiana.


What This Means for Parents

If you are an Intended Parent considering alternative options and reside in one of these states, gestational surrogacy is still an option for you. To learn more about how our program can help you in your state, please reach out to our team and we will answer every question you have. 

New York’s decision to legalize gestational surrogacy is a step in the right direction. Parham Zar, the Director of Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute, has personally worked with New York legislatures to provide insight about how agencies like EDSI and IVF doctors can help with regulating standards and ethics to ensure that both parents and surrogates are protected. 

Mr. Zar has been advocating for third party reproductive rights for over 20 years and created EDSI to provide services to make this sometimes challenging process more enjoyable and easier to navigate. 

With gestational surrogacy, surrogate mothers have no genetic relationship to the child and only carry the baby for the parents. New York’s new paid surrogacy law will include some of the strongest protections for surrogates in the country. 

“Protecting all parties involved is very important,” however New York will require Intended Parents to pay for health and life insurance for one year after the surrogate gives birth. “Many of the other protections included in the bill follow what many other states, including California, already practice,” said Parham Zar.

California has been the leader with establishing highly ethical policies and laws for gestational surrogacy, providing the blueprint for other states to follow. “I created EDSI with the philosophy that parenthood should be widely accessible whether one is straight, gay, single, or living internationally and should be accompanied with the highest level of care and service at a reasonable cost,” said Parham Zar.

Our vision at EDSI (Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute) is a world where every person’s right to reproduction and parenthood is empowered. We want to help build a society where the conversation about infertility is compassionate and open, and where Surrogates and Egg Donors are acknowledged for their life-giving roles.

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