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How To Navigate A Surrogate Relationship

When parents and surrogates alike come to EDSI, one of the most common questions we get is how to navigate the relationship between intended parents and our top-quality surrogates. There are no two relationships that are the same, and it is really something different people need to navigate by themselves. However, a surrogacy agency can help to facilitate those relationships and guide them to be the types of relationships necessary to make this journey one that everyone enjoys.

As we have had a lot of experience in these relationships, we have learned quite a bit about what makes those relationships strong and solid. We’ve learned how to read the room, so to speak, to determine which surrogates are better for which intended parents and the reverse. We have an eye for playing “matchmakers” between surrogates and intended parents.

Even so, some of the work does fall to the individuals.

Every Relationship Starts With Truth

The process for becoming a surrogate is a lengthy one, for many reasons. We ask many questions and get to know surrogates in order to match them with intended parents who have similar personalities and expectations they can meet. We understand that people aren’t always truthful in what they want or expect, so we check in throughout the intake process.

It is up to the surrogates and the intended parents to be truthful when we ask about what they are comfortable doing. If you aren’t comfortable with something, reveal that right away. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will be forced to do (or not do) something that you don’t want to do. We understand that the “truth” in any relationship changes, which is why we continually mediate.

Communication – Your Way

In any relationship, communication helps to ease all stresses. Within the surrogacy journey, open communication can change and shape so much. In some instances, regular updates via phone or email are enough. The surrogate will want to be as detailed as possible to keep the intended parents abreast of any important information. Photos aren’t required, but they can be helpful for those that aren’t near the intended parents or those who aren’t comfortable with intended parents going to appointments.

Communications also become important between the surrogate and the surrogacy agency. The surrogacy agency needs to know of any changes or complications that can impact the pregnancy. In cases where something goes wrong, the agency needs to be the one to communicate with the intended parents. Remember that the surrogacy agency will protect your privacy and you get to dictate the terms of what gets communicated to the intended parent.

Similarly, communication is important between intended parents and the surrogacy agency. If the intended parents feel uncomfortable with anything, they need to be able to go to the agency to voice their concerns.

Brace For Impact

It is impossible to imagine that this entire process will go smoothly. Surrogates, intended parents, and the surrogacy agency may all encounter some problems along the way. Even so, with open communication and truth, the relationships become easier to navigate.

Ready To Start Your Surrogacy Journey? Contact Us Today

Finding the right fit for an enjoyable surrogacy journey can be quite difficult, and, as this is a big decision to make, taking all the time you need to make those decisions is imperative. We are here for you whenever you make that choice. We are happy to give you more information now or schedule your consultation.

Surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life forever. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.


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