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Best Things To Drink While Being A Surrogate

It is easy to find many articles about what to eat while you are pregnant, but fewer people focus on what to drink while they are pregnant. As a surrogacy agency, we coach many people through their pregnancies. While everyone we work with has been pregnant before, we still like to provide actionable tips and advice. 

When pregnant, it is important to stay hydrated. You have more fluids within your body when you are pregnant and you need more fluids to sustain fetus development. It is especially important to stay hydrated when you have been in hotter climates or when you sweat a bit. 

But what is the best thing to drink while you are pregnant? Some drinks are better than others, so let’s rank them:

The Best Thing To Drink While Being A Surrogate: Water

Even when we aren’t pregnant, humans are comprised of a lot of water. In fact, water tends to make up over half of our body’s weight. Drinking water (or eating it) helps to keep all of our organs and systems functioning. As they are taxed even more when we are pregnant, keeping your body hydrated with old fashioned water is important. 

Water is the best thing to drink while you are pregnant because it is the easiest thing for the body to absorb and eliminate. You are constantly losing water and it needs to be replaced. As long as you are somewhere where you can trust the water, you can get tap water almost anywhere. Even so, filtered water is best when you are pregnant. 

Next Up: Milk For Calcium & Protein

Surrogates may also want to enjoy a nice glass of milk. Milk helps to keep your diet full of calcium and protein, which are essential for the growth of the baby. There are benefits to all kinds of milk, so you can enjoy skim milk and still reap the benefits. 

As dairy milk is something that some pregnant women cannot tolerate, there are many non-dairy alternatives to consider, including soy milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. Don’t expect to get as much protein, but you can still get some.

Fruit Juice, But Watch The Sugar

Many pregnant women will crave fruits and fruit juices while pregnant. While you can enjoy fruit juice in moderation, it is important to be aware of the sugar intake. Fruit drinks or super sugary drinks that don’t use real fruit juice shouldn’t be staples in your diet.  Instead, consider getting fresh-pressed juice or even just flavoring your water with crushed up fruit. When in doubt, check the label.

What Drinks Should I Avoid?

As a surrogacy agency in California, we get questions about many different types of drinks. In general, most protein powders are safe for pregnancies, but always ask questions if there is an ingredient you don’t know. At the same time, you don’t want to drink coffee, soda, or teas that have large amounts of caffeine.

Of course, you also do not want any alcohol. Sadly, this means you may have to kick your kombucha habit while you are pregnant as well, as it can contain alcohol.

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