How Long Does It Take to Match with a Surrogate In California?

If you are interested in becoming a parent through surrogacy, you may have a very common question: just how long does it take to match with a surrogate in California? Everyone will have their own journey and one couple may get through everything in 12 months while it may take another 36 months. 

However, in general, you can expect the following process:

First Steps: 10 – 15 Days

The first steps in the surrogacy process don’t take all that long at all. You will have to fill out an Intended Parent application form and schedule a consultation. Our agency will review it and discuss the different requirements, payment options, and you will find out more information about your experience. During this time, we gather information to help you form a strong relationship with the Surrogate and to help you get through this process with ease.

Finding A Surrogate 30 – 60 Days

If you choose to move on with the process, the next step is to pick a Surrogate. At EDSI, we have a portfolio of Surrogates that you can look at and choose from. Once you have found a Surrogate that meets your needs, we will send the profile we gathered in the first step to the Surrogate for her to review. If she accepts, we will then facilitate a meeting between everyone to learn more about each other and talk about the next steps. You will have a caseworker with you during this process to answer any questions.

The length of the matching process is really up to you. Sometimes IPs will reach an agreement with the first Surrogate they meet. Other times, they won’t like the first Surrogate or they will want to meet a few to determine who is the best match. As the Surrogate is an important part of this process, it is imperative to take all the time that you need.

Surrogate Screening & Prep: 45 – 90 Days

While all of our Surrogates have already been screened, once they have been selected by IPs, they will need to go through further testing. She will need to undergo a physical and psychological screening to ensure that this is a good decision for her as well.

Once she is cleared, then contracts can be signed and the process can truly begin.

IVF: 60 – 90 Days

Once everything is official, the fertility doctors will start the process of IVF. This will take a little over a month to do. The Surrogate will have to prepare for it beforehand, which adds a few weeks to the overall time. Once the embryo is implanted, it will take two additional weeks to get the first results. If the surrogate doesn’t get pregnant, the process may start over.

Pregnancy: Up To 40 Weeks

In general, a healthy pregnancy will last up to 9 months. If your Surrogate is carrying multiples, it may be a bit shorter. The important thing is that your Surrogate stays healthy and happy throughout the pregnancy, even as she has mood swings. You will get regular updates and communication with your Surrogate to hear how she feels, how your baby is progressing, and about any complications.

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Throughout the surrogacy journey, we recruit Egg Donors and Surrogates to match them with Intended Parents, including single parents and gay parents. From there, we seamlessly orchestrate the fertility journey through pregnancy and delivery. We make it a rule to be active problem solvers and advocates for our clients, making their experiences pleasant and hassle-free.

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