6 Different Ways You Can Support Your Surrogate

Pregnancy can take a lot out of a woman, even for those who enjoy being pregnant, and there are a few different ways that you can support your Surrogate as an Intended Parent – even if she doesn’t live near you. As one of the leading international surrogacy agencies in California, we have helped make this process one that everyone enjoys, and we have some tips on what you can do:

Tell Her You Support Her

There are many different ways to show your support, but sometimes women want to hear that they are being supported in their journeys. Make sure that you communicate with her and tell her that you support her – verbally and in writing, if possible. 

You can’t do this one time, you need to convey it as often as possible to ensure she really understands that fact – if you don’t have regular communication, be sure to talk to your case worker to have them pass on the information.

Encourage Her To Talk To Other Surrogates

Many surrogacy agencies, including EDSI will have support groups for Surrogates. These groups are online and sometimes in person, allowing these women to get together and talk about their experiences. While you are involved in this journey together, it is important to know that you can’t really know all the thoughts that are going on in her head – though other Surrogates will understand.

Be Mindful Of Her Personal Information

Before Surrogates and Intended Parents work together, they come to an agreement about communication and how involved they will be in each other’s lives. It is important to know that one of the stipulations for becoming a Surrogate is that the woman has had children of her own already. This means there will be hard times in her life – days her children don’t listen to her, days someone in her life makes her mad, and maybe even days where she just doesn’t feel great.

She doesn’t have to share this information with you. Don’t push her to share anything she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing outside of information about your baby.

Find Ways You Can Treat Her Every So Often

While EDSI does work some room into the budget for massages and some personal care, it may be a good idea to treat your Surrogate. This isn’t necessary, but it is a great way to support from a distance. Consider getting her a gift card for dinner, sending flowers or nice little treats, or something else that will fit her personality.

See If She Needs Help With Something

Being pregnant can cause certain things to become difficult to do – like cleaning your house. If you are talking to your Surrogate, check in to see if she is doing okay or if she needs help with something. While you can’t necessarily go and clean her house for her, you may be able to get a company to come clean it. 

You should always check with the caseworker and the Surrogate herself to see if this is something she’d like, it could be a great way to show support.

Don’t Stop Your Support Once The Baby Is Born

Often (but not always), Intended Parents will almost immediately shift their attention to their newborn baby. This is understandable! However, it is a good idea to ask about your Surrogate and check in to ensure that everything is going well. 

Your caseworker can help you to navigate the sometimes tricky world of showing support – if you are ever concerned that something doesn’t quite fit in with your agreement, it is better to check.

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