5 Ways We Help LGBT Couples Build Families

At EDSI, we help LGBT couples build families through egg donation and surrogacy. We have always been at the forefront of the fight for equal parenting rights. As such, we have developed systems, tools, and attitudes that allow us to help LGBT couples build their families – sometimes multiple times over.

Here are 5 ways that we will help you on your path toward parenthood:

We Match You With A Surrogate

At EDSI, we specialize in matching you with a surrogate who will help you to build your family. We have a long list of waiting Surrogates of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a specific type of diet, a woman who lives in a specific location, or just a Surrogate who wants a specific type of relationship, we can help you to find a Surrogate who fits your needs. We have helped to build hundreds of families and we know what it takes to build a successful relationship between Intended Parents and Surrogates.

Your relationship with a surrogate is going to be one of the most important relationships in your life, so you need to find someone truly special. We can help you there.

We Help You Find An Egg Donor

For gay couples who need an Egg Donor before entering into the surrogacy process, it can be difficult to find someone who fits your needs. Just like with Surrogates, we have a full collection of Egg Donors that you can search through and find exactly what you want – from hair and eye color to specific skill sets.

If you already have an Egg Donor in mind, we can also help to ensure that the process is smooth and easy for everyone involved.

We Take Care Of The Legal Aspects

The legal aspects of surrogacy can be quite difficult to understand, even in a state like California where the laws are pretty clear cut. Our team has relationships with lawyers that can help you to feel safer and smooth out the process for you. Before you sign a contract or meet with Surrogates, you will have all of the information you need to make smart decisions from a legal perspective.

Of course, having a lawyer also helps you to feel safe and comfortable.

We Relieve Some Of The Stress You’ll Feel

Any pregnancy is going to have some levels of stress, including surrogacy. At EDSI, we help to relieve some of the stress you feel be thoughtfully and fully explaining every step you take and every decision you have to make. Whether it is something small or something massive, our team is there to support you. As soon as you start the surrogacy journey, you will be matched with a case manager who will be available to you at all times via phone or email.

Whether you have been on the pathway to parenthood for a long time or you are just starting your search, we do our best to provide a safety net, a sounding board, and a friendly environment that will feel like home. After all, you have more important things to worry about: like getting ready for your baby.

We Make This A Memorable Experience

At EDSI, we have a storied history of building beautiful families. We know what it takes to make this process one that you will never forget, for all the best reasons. From your initial appointment to the time your Surrogate gives birth, we will be there for you. Our hands-on approach will help you to focus on all of the aspects of surrogacy that are beautiful.

Interested In Building Your Family Through Surrogacy? Give Us A Call Today

Throughout the surrogacy journey, we recruit Egg Donors and Surrogates to match them with Intended Parents, including single parents and gay parents. From there, we seamlessly orchestrate the fertility journey through pregnancy and delivery. We make it a rule to be active problem solvers and advocates for our clients, making their experiences pleasant and hassle-free.

It would be our honor to help you grow your family. Please give us a call today so that we can start building your family on your own schedule. We look forward to speaking with you.



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