5 Ways To Handle Stress While Being A Surrogate in California

Stress is a very serious thing, especially for women who are pregnant. If you are a Surrogate in California (or anywhere), the amount of stress that you feel may be immense. The hormones in your body when you are pregnant make it seem like you are under so much stress, at some points, that you need coping mechanisms to help you handle your stress level.

Luckily, we’ve worked with enough Surrogates to know many different ways to handle stress. Here are some of our favorites:

Listen To Your Favorite Music

If you are feeling stressed out during surrogacy, there is nothing better for you to do than put on some music, bust a move, and just de-stress. While some people recommend listening to calming music, and you can certainly do that if it is your favorite, there is nothing wrong with putting on some Post Malone, Taylor Swift, Spice Girls, Cher, Beyonce, Lizzo, or the Hamilton Cast Recording. Whatever music you love to listen to, put it on and feel better.

Talk To A Friend – Or Another Surrogate

If you are really feeling stressed out, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply talk it out with a friend – or, even better in this situation, another Surrogate. When you become a Surrogate in California, you will be connected to a web of women who are going through Surrogacy at the same time you are – and they are there to help you.

Find someone that you can talk to for even a minute, and you will start to feel less stress. Even if you aren’t talking about what is really bothering you, sometimes just gossiping about the latest celebrity divorce, happenings on your favorite reality show, or trend can be enough to reduce some of your stress.

Make Sure You Are Eating Healthy

If you are a Surrogate, you know that eating healthy is essential. However, when we get stressed or overwhelmed with a situation, we tend not to eat well. Try to avoid eating sugary foods or fatty snacks and instead eat healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables have been shown to reduce some of the symptoms of stress and support a healthy brain.

Know That You Set The Boundaries

If you are a Surrogate, you get to determine the boundaries in your relationship with Intended Parents. If you feel like you are getting smothered or overwhelmed by the relationship, make sure to talk to your caseworker who can help to even out the relationship.

Sometimes you just need some time to yourself without the constant attention, and that is fine! Make sure that you don’t just push through your stress here or it may just seem worse.

Know What Is Stress And What Is Caring

Sometimes we misunderstand what we are feeling – if you think you are stressed, you may just be caring. You were selected to be a Surrogate because of your caring nature, so it isn’t a surprise that it comes out now.

productive — or at least inevitable — response to stress. But we mistake worry for action.

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Finding the right fit can be quite difficult, and as this is a big decision to make taking all the time you need to make those decisions is imperative. We are here for you whenever you make that choice. We are happy to give you more information now or schedule your consultation.

Surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life forever. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.


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