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4 Tips for a Successful Surrogacy in California

California Surrogacy

If you’re exploring your options for surrogacy in California, the good news is you’ve chosen a great place to begin the journey. The Golden State has some of the most progressive laws on the books regarding surrogacy and establishing rights as a parent, plus has top-notch medical care, which already sets you well on your way to having a wonderful experience. That said, you can use the tips below to enhance your journey even more.

1. Work with an Established Agency

Sometimes people try to go it alone or don’t realize there are big differences between agencies. A great agency will cover all the bases for you and make sure the process goes smoothly. People who have been in the industry for years understand what steps need to be taken, when they need to be done, and can set your mind at ease. EDSI, for example, has helped hundreds of families. That means you’ll be able to draw upon our experience and move forward with confidence that everything will be seen to.

2. Get to Know Your Surrogate Well

Working with a good agency makes it easier to find a surrogate you mesh well with, purely because your agency will handle all the screening and find someone with values and a personality that correspond with yours. That way, your team is a more natural fit and working out the details is easier. However, if you’re going it alone, you’ll want to chat in-depth with her about her values, how she might wish to address specific situations that could arise, and what led her down the surrogacy path.

3. Establish Your Parenting Rights Before the Baby is Born

Surrogacy in California is unique in that you can establish yourself as a parent with the courts before your baby is born. Many states require you to adopt the baby after the birth or go through a special process. If you’re working with an agency, they’ll help make sure this step is seen to by a knowledgeable attorney when the time comes.

4. Make Travel Plans in Advance

If you’re traveling to California from elsewhere in the country or from another part of the world, book your travel plans as far in advance as you can. Because the state is a major tourist destination, especially if you’re in LA County, you’ll find better accommodations at more reasonable rates the earlier you book. You can work out a timeline with your agency, physician, and surrogate in advance if you’d like to be present for specific appointments, such as initial ultrasounds or the 20-week pregnancy check. Depending on your circumstances, purchasing travel insurance may be beneficial too. That way, you can rebook flights with ease if the little one chooses to arrive early or late.

Come to EDSI for Surrogacy in California

If choosing surrogacy in California is right for you, let EDSI guide the way. We’re here to support you through the process, from getting matched with a surrogate and donors through overseeing medical and legal concerns. Get in touch by calling (213) 423-7997; we’ll gladly answer all your questions and help you take the first steps when you’re ready to start.