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4 Reasons Winter is the Best Time for Surrogacy in California

Realistically, anytime is a great time for surrogacy in California. With some of the most progressive laws anywhere in the world and top-notch medical care, both surrogates and intended parents can move forward with confidence. That said, if you’re looking for even more reasons why now is the best time, you will likely appreciate the ones outlined below.

1) You Can Escape the Cold

If you’re not from the Golden State, going through surrogacy in California can be a bit like a vacation. After all, it rarely hits freezing levels here and, even in the winter months, average temperatures still sit around 56-57° Fahrenheit. In other words, it’s barely jacket weather. Plus, it’s still incredibly sunny. At most, the state sees about eight days of rain during winter months, so you’ll be able to head out and enjoy the fresh air and sun.

2) There are Many Holiday Light Displays to See

Your world will already be filled with magic, but there’s something quite special about taking a stroll through a beautiful holiday light display when there’s no snow to contend with your viewing. If you haven’t been to Cali before, Disneyland is an easy tourist hit. However, don’t overlook the LA Zoo, the Festival of lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside, the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, or Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills.

3) You Can Avoid the Crowds

All bets are off when kids are on their Thanksgiving and winter breaks from school, but other than those times, tourism in Cali drops during the winter. You’ll hit an especially sweet spot right after Thanksgiving and at the start of December. Once the new year arrives, you’re generally clear until spring. That means you can hit the major tourist attractions without fighting for space and fees associated tourism, such as lodging car rentals, are typically lower. Businesses may even throw in perks to try to sway your decisions, so check out the deals before you travel.

4) Wine Country is Amazing

One great thing about surrogacy in California—you get to indulge in wine country (unless you’re the surrogate)! Again, with the reduced tourism, it’s even more relaxed than it normally is, plus it’s easier to get reservations at some of the primo spots. Adding to this, the landscape is more tranquil and you’ll often find a nice cozy fire waiting at restaurants and hotels. There are wine tastings, tours, classes, and more, so if you like to partake, book your top choices in advance.

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