Surrogacy For Same Sex Couples: What To Expect

If you are a same sex couple thinking about using surrogacy to build your family, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns about just what it means and what you can expect. This is a scary journey for so many parents and it isn’t something that you should take lightly. This is a big step and you should do research to find the best surrogacy agency that will support your needs.

We know that the surrogacy process is one that is confusing and overwhelming for many same-sex couples, which is why our qualified, dedicated, and caring staff is here for you. Whether you want to be a Surrogate, an Egg Donor, or you want to build your family, our staff will be there for every step of the way. To date, we have had over 1,000 healthy babies delivered and are known as the “Best Value and Preferred Agency for Hands-on Personalized Service” in the Third Party Assisted Reproduction Industry.

Starting The Same-Sex Surrogacy Process

Starting the surrogacy process is intimidating – it is a big step in your life. We understand that you need to do a lot of research to find the best surrogacy agency. We will be the first to admit that every surrogacy agency has a different “vibe” to it and that not every agency is for all people. This is especially true for same-sex couples. Surrogacy has come a long way, but not every agency is as open and accepting as we’d like. 

Another thing to consider is that surrogacy laws vary by state, so it is imperative to look into those laws or reach out to a surrogacy agency that understands them. EDSI has been at the forefront of pushing for greater protection for not only same-sex IPs, but for the Surrogates and children as well. 

We always want to provide our IPs and Surrogates with the highest levels of care as we move together through this process. Our agency was built on the idea that everyone who wants to be a parent should be able to do so. We work with straight, gay, single, local, and international Intended Parents to achieve this goal.

We hope to build a world where every person has a right to reproduction and they are empowered in the decisions that they make.

Finding A Surrogacy For A Same Sex Couple

Finding your surrogacy team is important – it’s a bit like building a soccer team. You need to have all of the pieces in place for it to be a good experience. You want to have case workers that help you understand every step of the process, doctors that are the best in the industry, a Surrogate that communicates clearly and takes care of your baby, and maybe even an Egg donor to help get the job done. 

You are also an important part of the team. You are the glue that holds everything together.

Throughout the surrogacy journey, we recruit Egg Donors and Surrogates to match them with Intended Parents, including single parents and same-sex parents. From there, we seamlessly orchestrate the fertility journey through pregnancy and delivery. We make it a rule to be active problem solvers and advocates for our clients, making their experiences pleasant and hassle-free.

It would be our honor to help you grow your family.

Ready To Start Your Surrogacy Journey? Contact Us Today

Finding the right fit can be quite difficult, and as this is a big decision to make, taking all the time you need to make those decisions is imperative. We are here for you whenever you make that choice. We are happy to give you more information now or schedule your consultation.

Surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life forever. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.


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