Surrogate Application: Most Popular Baby Girl Names For 2019

Most Popular Baby Girl Names For 2019

Increasingly, there is proof that what you name your child will impact his or her life. Certainly, one cannot imagine Beyonce if she were named Sarah. The name you choose for your child can impact her opportunities, her personality, and even who she is friends with at various parts of her life. It is a big deal. However, some parents do want to be creative, especially if they have gone through the surrogacy process and have a little more time and energy to do some research.

Starting At The Top

One of the biggest trends in girl names is to start at the top of the alphabet – with the letter A. There are many, many baby girl names that start with the letter A and they are incredibly popular. The letter A is popular for a few reasons: it is a vowel, we associate success with those near the top of alphabetical lists, and there has even been some proof that people with A names are more successful.

Some of the top names for 2019 include variations of Ashley, Autumn, and Amber.

Celebrity Inspired Names

If you can think of a celebrity, you can imagine that there are a ton of babies named after them every year. These names can be taken from stars of today (think Khloe, Taylor, and Ariana) or stars of years gone by (think Marilyn, Audrey, and Ava).

Some of the names gaining traction this year? Adele, Bri, Emma, Simone, Lupita, Selena, and Zoe.

English Word Names

As we move through the next decade, it will be quite common to see words that mean something completely different turned into names. This style of name has grown over the last few years thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Gwenyth Paltrow naming their daughters North and Apple, respectively. Of course, this trend has always been popular and in many cases, the names have become part of the popular canon for names – like Mercy, Rose, and Christian.

Today, you can get names from just about anything else and it won’t be seen as too strange.

Look To Your Grandmothers

Vintage names are incredibly popular right now as well. Antique names have been growing in popularity for a few different reasons, including the fact that they haven’t been as popular recently and are now unique. Many also see them as a tribute to important women in their lives and in history. If you are looking for something trendy but still classic, think about looking back on your family tree for inspiration.

Some of the most popular vintage baby names for girls include Gloria, Adeline, Audrey, Charlotte, and Violet.

“-Ley” Names

Ashley is always going to be an extremely popular name, but there have been many, many names to go that same route of adding a “-ley” to the end of it. There have been some offshoots that end in lee, lie, lea, ly, and many other configurations, but the “-ley” remains the most popular. You can take any common name and change it up just a bit by making the end different.

Some of the most popular “-ley” names include: Ainsley, Bailey, Hailey, Liley, and Paisley.

Baby Girl Names From Children’s Books

Children have been named after literary heroines for years. You never have to look far to find a Nancy, a Madeline, a Sarah, an Eloise, or a Stella. However, the names we are seeing now aren’t always from older literature. Look around a nursery school and you may find a Hermione, a Primrose, a Katniss, an Esme, and a ton of Bellas. You will also still see names from Disney movies and classic literature (Jane and Charlotte both make comebacks this year).

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life forever. However, you are just starting your work. One of the very first things you will do as a parent is name your child, so you want to ensure that you pick a good one. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.