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Intended Parents – Your Surrogacy Journey: When to Prep Baby’s Room

Intended Parents Surrogacy Journey

One of the questions intended parents commonly ask while on their surrogacy journey is when to prep the baby’s room. This can be an undeniably sensitive question, particularly for intended parents who struggled with infertility prior to choosing surrogacy. While there’s no straightforward answer and each intended parent must make this very personal decision for him or herself, we’ll break down some of the primary milestones and related statistics, to help you feel more comfortable with whichever road you choose.

Setting Up a Nursery During the First Trimester

If you don’t already have nursery items, you probably won’t even be thinking about the nursery during the early stages of pregnancy. Verifying the IVF worked and getting through the first trimester tends to be an emotional time, but it’s worth noting that babies conceived via IVF don’t have outcomes much different than those conceived naturally, statistically speaking. Somewhere around the seventh week, the baby’s heart will begin to beat. This is a major milestone and means the risk of miscarriage drops to about 10%. By the 12th week, risk drops to about 5% and remains there for the duration of the pregnancy. This is why most people wait until the first trimester is over to make any announcements or arrangements.

Setting Up a Nursery During the Second Trimester

Weeks 13-27 comprise the second trimester of pregnancy. While the generally-accepted gestational age of viability sits at 24 weeks, at which point as many as 70% will survive, babies as young as 23 weeks have as much as a 35% chance of survival, with a handful of babies surviving if born at 22 weeks. It’s these statistics which parents take the most comfort in. Parents may draw comfort from any of these markers and begin setting up a nursery. Again, it is a personal decision, as some will set p a nursery much earlier while others wait until the last moment.

Setting Up a Nursery During the Third Trimester

The 28th week until the 40th week are considered the third trimester. Babies are considered full-term at 37 weeks, so many set this as their deadline for having a nursery set up. Others select an arbitrary date somewhere around the 35th week or plan to have the room set up before the baby shower, so guests can admire their handiwork.

Waiting Until After the Baby is Born to Set Up the Nursery

Some people believe setting up a nursery or even purchasing baby gear before the little one arrives is bad luck. While it’s obviously based on superstition, you can also typically safely wait until after the baby is born to create a space for him or her. Although many people turn nursery design and picking up baby gear into a major endeavor, the reality is that as long as you have some clothes, diapers, a way to feed him or her, a car seat, and a safe place to sleep, you can probably get by for some time after the baby comes home without setting anything up or making additional purchases. That said, the early times are filled with sleepless nights and lots of changes and feedings, so you’ll probably want to at least have your core supplies in place beforehand.

Begin Your Surrogacy Journey with EDSI

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