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How Does International Surrogacy Los Angeles Work?

If you are interested in international surrogacy, there are certainly some things to consider before making a commitment to this journey. Just as it is always important to understand the domestic surrogacy process, it is absolutely crucial to understand the legal ramifications of international surrogacy, the risks, and everything you should expect before signing any contract.

Whether you are trying to become a parent through surrogacy or you want to become a surrogate, it is important to talk to a surrogacy agency before making any final decisions. Only a surrogacy agency in Los Angeles can give you the most accurate information about the process, inform you of any requirements, and provide insights that can be helpful.

Here are some of the most basic pieces of information:

Being A Surrogate in California

If you are currently a legal resident of the United States, it is much easier to become a surrogate than you may think – but that doesn’t mean it is without rules and regulations. There are well-enforced regulations that a surrogacy agency or fertility clinic will have to follow to ensure that the surrogacy is safe and legal.

The United States has fantastic programs that allow for proper financial reimbursement for pregnancy-related expenses and care in many states, including for surrogates in California. Some countries do not have these guarantees, and it can be somewhat difficult to get everything a surrogate needs to be safe and comfortable. There are also laws in place in California and the United States to protect single intended parents and LGBTQIA intended parents. 

In general, a domestic surrogacy plan will always be a better choice than an international one. Within the United States (and particularly in California), there are plenty of high quality, safe, experienced surrogacy agencies and professionals that can help you – no matter which side of the equation you are on in the surrogacy journey.

International Surrogacy Laws

In many countries that aren’t the United States, surrogacy is still a relatively controversial practice – especially in countries where it isn’t understood or regulated. It is important to only look into surrogacy in countries where it is legal to be an international surrogate – and that isn’t many of them. This is not only to protect yourself but also the baby that results from the process.

If you work with an international surrogacy agency, you should choose one that is experienced in the laws of the country you are working in and also seek out a lawyer in that country. If you do not speak the language of that country extremely well, you will also want to hire a certified translator to help you in every situation.

It is important to know that international surrogacy laws not only vary widely, but they also change frequently. They have become increasingly more restrictive over the years, and what was legal just a few months ago may not be anymore. In particular, Southeast Asian countries were once popular choices for international surrogacy, but they have become more and more strict – with some countries completely outlawing it. At the same time, many countries only allow altruistic surrogacy or surrogacy that does not require compensation. That’s why it is important to work with a surrogacy agency that you can trust. 

As the United States allows for anyone to complete the surrogacy process (with some regulations on who can safely be a surrogate) and allows that surrogate to be compensated, the United States is actually the top destination for international surrogacy. The laws that are in place are strict, but help to regulate the safety of the process.

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