Do’s (And Don’ts) Of Working With A Surrogacy Agency

Working with a surrogacy agency is the best way to reach your dreams of becoming a parent. We are professional, responsible, and experienced in building families, while still working to keep the process from feeling overly clinical. As a surrogacy agency with over two decades of experience, We at EDSI have learned some of the ins and outs of this relationship, and have worked extensively to perfect the experience. While there are always new things to learn (and new challenges to overcome), we strive to give you the Intended Parent the absolute best experience possible.

Here are some of our favorite do’s (and a few don’ts) for working with a surrogacy agency:

Do: Research Surrogacy Agencies Beforehand

You want to do plenty of research before you settle on a surrogacy agency. Settling with the first agency you find could result in a less than stellar experience for you. There are a ton of surrogacy agencies popping up all over, but they don’t have the experience to make it something special for you. Instead, they are trying to make money quickly and capitalize on the changing surrogacy laws.

Not only do you want to spend some time looking at their website and social media, you want to actually talk to the workers at an agency. See who gives you that happy feeling. If an agency won’t talk to you at all, this is a sign that you should move onto someone else.

Do: Work With An Experienced Agency

It bears repeating: work with an experienced surrogacy agency. There are a lot of variables that can pop up throughout this journey (who would have ever anticipated a global pandemic, for example?), and experience is one of the most important tools an agency can have.

While there are plenty of new agencies that may be willing to cut a deal here and there, they are also likely cutting corners and working with other people who don’t have experience, which can lead to significant issues.

Don’t: Be Afraid To Ask Questions

One thing that we have noticed is that people are afraid to ask questions or think that we will think they aren’t educated about the process if they ask questions. We love questions! Our team tries to be comprehensive in all of the information that we give to perspective Intended Parents, Egg Donors, and Surrogates, but sometimes we skip over something or you think of a question we don’t have literature for – in that case, we give the question our full attention and answer it as thoroughly as we can.

The more questions you ask and the more comfortable you feel, the better your experience is going to be.

Don’t: Just Look At The Families They’ve Built

At EDSI, we have helped bring over a thousand babies into the world – but our work doesn’t stop there. You want to work with a surrogacy agency that is going to offer you more. What have they done in terms of public education? Do they have webinars or talk about surrogacy in magazines? Do they worry about the legal implications of surrogacy laws?

You need to think about all of these things, because that is what takes a good surrogacy agency and makes them great.

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Finding the right fit can be quite difficult, and as this is a big decision to make taking all the time you need to make those decisions is imperative. We are here for you whenever you make that choice. We are happy to give you more information now or schedule your consultation.

Surrogacy is an extremely rewarding experience that will change your life forever. If you are ready to get started on the surrogacy process, make sure to contact us today.