Dispelling Myths About Egg Donation in Los Angeles

If you are thinking about either becoming an egg donor or using egg donation in Los Angeles, you have probably heard some myths. Whether those myths are from family and friends or they are from people on the internet, the best place to go for your information is neither of those sources – it is directly to a fertility agency, a surrogacy agency, or a clinic.

Over the last few years, certain myths have fallen by the wayside and others have become even more popular. Let’s dispell some of those:

Egg Donors Are Young Women Looking Only For Money

This myth is a complicated one because it is based on some reality. Yes, women who are egg donors do get paid. Some women who start the process only do so because they need money. Donors will use their payment to pay for college, reduce debt, pay for rent, or to finance a project.

Even so, most donors are not only in it for the money. They have a desire to help someone who is trying to start a family. Most donors find that the emotional and mental satisfaction they feel is far superior to the payment.

If I Donate My Eggs, I Cannot Have Children Of My Own

Women are born with a finite number of eggs and that number falls every month – typically by about 15-20, depending on how many are released during the menstrual cycle. However, only one of the eggs is used for ovulation and the body naturally eliminates the rest.

With egg donation, all of the eggs that are naturally produced by the body are developed through medication. The donation process doesn’t take any more eggs than the body would naturally produce in a given month.

Egg Donation Takes A Long Time

The process of being an egg donor doesn’t take a lot of time, but it isn’t just a few minutes of your time either. When donating through a traditional agency, the process can feel like it takes longer. Egg donors have to be matched with a recipient family. Even so, you are able to continue with your daily routine up until the point you are matched. From that point, you may need to undergo medical treatments or take medication to ensure you sync up with the recipient of the egg. This can take a few months.

Most of the appointments necessary for egg donation are under 30-minutes and can be booked around your schedule. There is only one day where you will need to take a day off of work or school.

The Offspring From My Donated Eggs Will Come Looking For Me

Many women who choose to be an egg donor will want to have some connection to that family – whether it is just to receive updates or to know about the birth. However, many women also choose to be anonymous egg donors. The recipients and the offspring will not know your identity and you will not know theirs. Some agencies do keep records that you may choose to have opened for the offspring once they reach a certain age.

All of this information is discussed, at length, before you become a donor and before you donate to a recipient. The agency facilitating the donation should make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Ready to Become An Egg Donor?

Are you ready to be an egg donor? Contact EDSI today to get started – we will walk you through every step of the process so that you don’t feel lost or alone. Instead, you will help you to make a decision about whether or not this is for you and from there, we can help you through the easy medical process and the follow-up.


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