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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Little Surrogacy Pumpkin

If you’re going through the surrogacy process this fall as a surrogate or intended parent, you’re probably bursting with excitement and wanting to share the joy. Here are a few fun and creative ways to share a bit of the magic.

1. Go with Themed Costumes

For surrogates, takes on traditional pregnancy costumes work well. “Her bun, my oven” outfits have surged in popularity, for example. Intended mothers are doing everything from wearing corresponding bun-in-oven costumes or wearing catchers’ mitts as well.

2. Add Baby Gear to Your Cornucopia

If you’ll be putting a cornucopia out as part of your fall display, give a nod to the wee one’s arrival by adding a pacifier or other tiny trinkets to the mix. This can also be used as a coy way for intended parents to do the big reveal if they plan to announce the surrogacy over the holidays.

3. Create a Jack-o-Lantern or Scarecrow Family

Design Jack-o-lanterns that suit each member of the family. If you’re a surrogate looking for a special way to connect with the intended parents, have your family work together to create a meaningful one that represents the baby. Then, give it to the intended parents as a gift. The same thing can be done with scarecrows as a unique way to commemorate the event while keeping with the season.

4. Begin a Chain Gift

Put together a gift basket for someone you know (perhaps the other half of your surrogacy team) and accompany it with a note explaining they’re to reciprocate by dropping off an anonymous gift to someone else. At Halloween, “You’ve Been Booed” notes are popular, while “We’re Thankful for You” notes carry into the rest of the fall and winter holidays.

5. Give Back

Chances are, you’re feeling incredibly grateful as you head into the holiday season. Take the time to find a way to give back to the charity of your choice. Working at a soup kitchen or donating food is popular. You could also search for a Christmas angel now or begin searching for a family that could benefit from either Thanksgiving or Christmas sponsorship. By beginning your efforts now, you could really make a huge difference for other families and possibly encourage others to share in your generosity.  

Work with EDSI to Achieve Your Surrogacy Dreams

In a perfect world, every parent who is ready to receive a little pumpkin of their own would have one. Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans for us. If you believe surrogacy is the best way to help you complete your family, or if you’d like to become a surrogate and help a family grow, EDSI can help. We oversee the entire process, from helping surrogates and intended parents find their ideal matches through ensuring all medical and legal needs are taken care of. Intended parents can reach out to us online or call us directly at (213) 423-7997, while hopeful surrogates may prefer to review the requirements first, then reach out to us when ready.