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Surrogacy Fees

Below is a sample fee schedule for one Surrogacy Cycle. Any additional costs unforeseen by this estimate will be sent to the prospective parent later. Click to download PDF.

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Estimated Cost Sheet & Timeline of Deposits

Surrogacy Fees: Description: Amount:
Surrogate Costs:
Surrogate Compensation (for first time Surrogates only) Fee paid in 10-month installments starting from confirmation of pregnancy.**In case of multiples, additional compensation will apply. $35,000
Surrogate Monthly Allowance for 12 months at $400 per month Includes local mileage, telephone, fax, postage, federal express, incidental expenses. $4,800
Surrogate Insurance Deductibles and Co-pays $9,000
Surrogate Transfer Fee Paid per transfer $1,000
Surrogate Medical Insurance Premiums Insurance premiums are approximately $400/month for 15 months $7,500
Surrogate Benefits:
Maternity Clothing Allowance Paid at the end of the first trimester. Additional fees for multiples. $800
Surrogate Lost Wages $4,000
Surrogate Child Care $4,000
Surrogate Housekeeping $3,000
Surrogate Travel / Monitoring Costs $4,500
Screening Costs:
Surrogate Screening Costs Includes medical screening, home visit and criminal background check. $2,000
Surrogate Psychological Screening & Counseling Fee Psychological Screening of Surrogate, testing and monthly counseling $4,700
Legal Costs:
Surrogate Mother’s Attorney Consult Fee and Finalization Includes contract review with Surrogate and court appearances $1,700
Intended Parents attorney Includes drafting contracts and finalizations, court filings and court appearances $8,000
Agency Costs:
Agency Fees: 4 installments See payment schedule below. $38,000
Post Birth Costs:
Newborn Insurance Premiums and Co-pays $9,000
Birth Certificates, Social Security Card, Passport Processing (Includes ALL government fees) $1,000
TOTAL: $138,000

Schedule of Payment

Payments: Milestone: Amount:
First Deposit Signing Retainer Agreement $20,000
Second Deposit After Matching with Surrogate $35,000
Third Deposit Legal Sign-off (payment should be received within 5 business days before Legal Clearance is issued) $35,000
Fourth Deposit After heartbeat is confirmed $48,000
16 weeks of Pregnancy **Additional deposit is required for multiples: $29,500 for twins, $49,500 for triplets
Total: $138,000

Please note that this fee schedule is ONLY an estimate. Additional cost may be incurred due to complications in pregnancy, lost wages for Surrogate and spouse, travel, C-section, psychological evaluation for Intended Parents, additional legal fees may apply to finalize parental rights out of state, and/or miscellaneous Surrogate fees. Fee schedule does not include medications, medical specialist’s fees or hospital charges.

If you have health insurance, all or part of the medical expenses pertaining to the IVF procedure may be covered. Please speak with your doctor and insurance provider regarding your coverage.

Fees are subject to change without prior notice.