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If you are ready to get started with your journey toward becoming a parent, the first thing that you need to do is register with us. When you register, you will get a user identification and a password – be sure to keep this information private. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at any time during the process.

Register using the form to the right – we will be in contact with more information. For the terms and conditions of your account, read below:

Recipient Access Terms And Conditions

  • I (we) hereby agree and acknowledge that the EDSI recipient ID and password assigned to me (us) by EDSI are the sole and exclusive property of EDSI.
  • I (we) hereby agree not to disclose or otherwise share the EDSI recipient ID or password with any other individual or entity.
  • I (we) hereby agree and acknowledge that all information on the EDSI website is the SOLE property of EDSI. I (we) further agree and acknowledge that any and all information which I (we) receive from EDSI (including donor profiles) is CONFIDENTIAL, and I (we) will not disclose or otherwise share such information with any individual or entity, without prior written permission from EDSI.
  • I (we) hereby acknowledge that EDSI does not make any representation or guarantee that it will have in its database a donor or donor profile which will match or meet my (our) preferences and/or requirements, or that any donor selected by me (us) will agree to assist me (us) in creating my (our) family. I (we) hereby acknowledge that EDSI does not make any representation or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided by the egg donors.
  • I (we) agree that upon activation, my (our) EDSI account will remain active for 5 days. If I (we) require additional time, I (we) may contact EDSI

If you are ready to get started, fill out the form to the right and we will be in contact.

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Your family journey is going to be one that is filled with emotion, joy, and questions – and with an account, you can get answers quickly, browse profiles, and get updates on your case. You will be able to browse some of our Egg Donor and Surrogate profiles to get an idea about the services that we offer.

Your account is only going to be active for a few days – but you can always request more time to make your decision. Remember that this process moves quickly for some people – so if you see a profile that matches what you are looking for in an Egg Donor or a Surrogate, act quickly. Even if you only want to get an idea of the information given to you, this is a fantastic place to start.

If you are ready to get started, fill out the form to the right and we will be in contact.

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    Registering to be an Intended Parent with EDSI (Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute) is just the start of your journey toward becoming a parent. With our team, located in Los Angeles, California, we will help you to build your family. Since 2002, we have had over 1,000 healthy babies delivered. Our focus is always on creating a safe, positive, and healthy environment for everyone involved. There is a reason we are known as the “Best Value and Preferred Agency for Hands-on Personalized Service” in the Third Party Assisted Reproduction Industry.

    Everyone who wants to be a parent should be able to do so, we are here to walk you through this process. We will talk about the different options that you have to become a parent, including Egg Donor and Surrogacy services. 

    It is important to know that while we do keep our rates low, we still work with the highest rated doctors, most qualified Surrogates, and leading Egg Donors. Everyone involved in the process has been chosen with deliberate care and foresight. We make it a rule to be active problem solvers and advocates for our clients, making their experiences pleasant and hassle-free. After registering with us (or even before), contact us to get started on your surrogacy journey.


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