Areas We Serve

If you are interested in working with EDSI (Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute), give us a call today. We are based in Beverly Hills, California, but our Surrogates come from various cities and states. Intended Parents come from all over the world - as we build families, ours continues to grow as well.

If you are considering being a Surrogate, Egg Donor, or Intended Parent, we will help you to achieve your goals of starting a family or extending the family that you already have. For more information, please navigate through our menu to find out specific information about our services.

At EDSI, our focus is to provide high levels of service and care to everyone. We want to build as many families as possible in a loving, responsible manner. We work with straight, gay, single, local, and international Intended Parents. Our team consists of former Surrogates and medical professionals who hope to build a world where every person has a right to reproduction and they are empowered in the decisions that they make to start a family.

At EDSI, we aim to make the gift of parenthood widely accessible through the best value and highest standards of the Surrogacy and Egg Donation process. If you do not see your area on the list, we likely still work with you - this is not a comprehensive list. To find out about the various areas we serve and to get driving directions to our main office, click one of the links on the left sidebar.