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What Intended Parents Should Know About Becoming a Surrogate

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Most of the information about becoming a surrogate is written for women who want to become gestational carriers, versus the men and women who need their help to grow their families. If you’re an intended parent or are simply considering starting the surrogacy journey and have questions about who surrogates are and what they’re like, this page addresses some of the most common concerns.

It’s Not Easy to Become a Surrogate

True, you could theoretically hire just about any woman you want and not have any established criteria for making a selection, but agencies are very particular. At EDSI, we have a myriad of qualifications for our surrogates, ranging from good health to financial stability and prior healthy pregnancies. You can view our surrogate requirements here.

Surrogates and Egg Donors are Usually Different People

If you’re new to surrogacy, it may surprise you to know that the surrogates we work with are gestational carriers only. That means they don’t share any biological relationship to the baby. This is different from traditional surrogacy, in which the woman who donates her egg also carries the baby. If you need donor eggs and the help of a surrogate, we’ll help make sure you find your ideal matches, or we can help you find a surrogate if you plan to use your own eggs.

All Women Have a Psychological Evaluation Prior to Becoming a Surrogate

The surrogacy journey is emotional for everyone involved. In order to qualify to become a surrogate with EDSI, all women undergo a psychological evaluation to ensure they’re mentally and emotionally prepared for what’s to come.

Surrogates Have Personal Reasons for Wanting to Help

The surrogates we work with don’t offer to help intended parents for the money. They all have different reasons for wanting to assist, but it’s most often because surrogacy or infertility has touched the life of someone they care about. They’re compassionate women who want the same thing you do; to bring a baby into your life.

They’re Just as Nervous (and Excited!) as You Are

While many surrogates do choose to go through the process more than once, it can feel a bit like “dating” at first. There’s lots of excitement about the road ahead, especially about bringing a new baby into the world. However, all parties tend to be a little nervous at first, and wonder if they’ll get along well with their match and what the journey will be like. Rest assured, these feelings are normal on both sides and you’ll both make the final decision to move forward together.

Surrogates in California Don’t Have Rights to the Child

Laws vary by state, but California’s Uniform Parentage laws allow you to establish your parental rights before the baby is born. This means that the surrogate is never considered the mother of the child, which is not true in most of the country. Our surrogates are very much aware of this and have chosen to become surrogates because they want you to have a child. Even though their altruistic mindsets should be enough to set you at ease, California’s progressive legislation ensures custodial rights are never in question.

Begin Your Surrogacy Journey with EDSI

Finding qualified compassionate surrogates is a big part of what we do at the Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute, but our work doesn’t stop there. We stand by intended parents and surrogates throughout the process, ensuring each aspect is from ideal matching to legal concerns is seen to in a professional and comprehensive manner. Please contact us if you have any questions or are ready to begin your personal surrogacy journey.


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