Ways to Save

Our mission is to build your family with the highest level of caring service at a reasonable price.

EDSI Promotions
Surrogate Program VIP Surrogate Program Donor Program
$9,000 off $14,000 off $2,500 off


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What does my Promotional Offer cover?

Firstly at our agency you are never placed on a waitlist. With EDSI you can expect top tier services that include…

  • Great selections of pre-qualified Surrogates/Donors
  • Full Cycle Coordination  
  • 24/7 Dedicate Case Coordinator for Surrogate/Donor
  • Access to IVF Specialized Professionals, Lawyers & Psychologists
  • Delivery Coordination

Available Financing 

We have flexible and convenient financing options. EDSI and our dedicated team know that finding a Surrogate or Egg Donor can be an overwhelming process, that’s why we have options so you can make the best financial decision possible for your family.