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Lower Cost Option

EDSI Frozen Egg Bank Program

This program is for Intended Parents seeking a more cost-effective alternative aside from the Traditional Egg Donor Cycle and who want donor eggs right away. Aside from the cost being almost 50% less, you need not go through the Egg Retrieval procedure and wait to synchronize cycles.

Egg freezing and thawing technology have advanced greatly that using frozen eggs have resulted in about the same success rates as fresh transfers. Cryogenic preservation can store eggs for more than 10 years and still result in a pregnancy.

Usually, an average of 6-8 eggs are thawed to achieve a pregnancy. The only downside is that the pool of choices may be limited, but if you find the right donor to complete your family, you are in luck! Package fees are determined by Egg Donor categories.

Egg Bank Package Standard Premium Elite
Donor Category Category A:Unproven (first time or repeat donors that have not resulted in pregnancies). Category B:Proven/repeat (resulted in a pregnancy) or Unproven & Exceptional (high-achieving and/or high demand donors that have not resulted in a pregnancy) Category C:Proven/repeat & Exceptional (high-achieving and/or high demand donors that have resulted in a pregnancy)
Costs: $16,750 $19,250 $21,750

All our packages include the following:

  • Copy of Donor’s Psychological and Genetic Evaluation
  • Egg Donor & Intended Parents’ Attorney Fees
  • Thawing (5 viable eggs guaranteed)
  • ICSI Fertilization (2 embryos guaranteed)
  • IP monitoring (blood test and ultrasounds)

What are not included are:

  • Cycle Medication for Recipient/Carrier
  • Embryo Transfer
  • IP pre-testing
  • Embryo Storage Fees
  • PGS Testing