All About Universal City, CA

Universal City, CA is an unincorporated area in Los Angeles County, CA. It is a smaller area, approximately 415 acres, but it is an important area for the entire country. It is the home to Universal Pictures, one of the six major film studios in the United States and many movies and television shows are filmed here. It is not uncommon to see many celebrities walking around in various costumes as they film some of the most popular movies. About 70% of Universal Studios staff is here, so expect much traffic.   Popular areas within Universal City include the Universal Studios Hollywood film studio and theme park, as well as the Universal CityWalk shopping and entertainment center. This is a popular destination not only for people who live nearby but tourists as well. You will also find 10 Universal City Plaza, a 36-floor office building for Universal and NBC, the Sheraton Universal, and the Universal Hilton. With so many popular sites, the area is well connected to public transportation, restaurants, stores, and public safety.   Since the area is mostly a tourist destination and a film studio, not many people call Universal City home though it does feel like home for many actors.

Driving Directions From Universal City To EDSI

In order to get EDSI, a surrogacy agency in Los Angeles, from Universal City, CA, take James Stewart Ave and River Rd to Lankershim Boulevard. To start, turn left onto Lankershim Boulevard and drive for 0.4 miles. Continue straight to stay on Lankershim Boulevard - you will pass by Subway on the right. After 0.2 miles, turn right onto Vineland Avenue and drive for another 0.2 miles.   Next, turn left onto Wrightwood Drive and after 0.2 miles, turn left to stay on Wrightwood Drive and continue for 0.4 miles. Then, turn left to stay on Wrightwood Drive and after 0.3 miles, turn right onto Dona Rosa Drive You will have to turn left onto Dona Lisa Drive and then left at the first cross street onto Dona Pegita Drive. After 302 feet, turn right at the first cross street onto Dona Emilia Drive. Nest, turn right onto Laurel Canyon Boulevard and drive for 0.2 miles. You will then have to make a U-turn and turn right onto Mulholland Drive and continue for 2.3 miles. Then, turn left toward Coldwater Canyon Drive and drive for 66 feet.   After that, turn left onto Coldwater Canyon Drive and continue for 2.8 miles and onto N Beverly Drive. Turn right to stay on N Beverly Drive (you should pass by Fatburger & Buffalo's Express on the left) for 1.7 miles.   You will have to take a sharp right onto Wilshire Boulevard and the destination will be on the right in 223 feet.

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