All About Three Points, CA

Three Points is an unincorporated area on the northwestern edge of Los Angeles County. Located near the northern Sierra Pelona Mountains foothills and southwest of the Antelope Valley in Southern California, it is on the northern edge of the Angeles National Forest and the east side of Oakgrove Canyon where it opens out into Pine Canyon. It is a beautiful place to live and play - for the lucky few that do live there. According to the most recent census, the population is low, at about 200.  There are many homes in Three Points, and a few businesses, but not much else other than nature. Those who live here do have to travel to go to the store, restaurants, or bars. However, the idyllic views and attention to nature more than make up for the drive. With the highway leading to everything you need, Three Points feels like an oasis on its own. Over the years, there have been a variety of restaurants, bars, and taverns in Three Points, though almost all have been turned into private residences. One thing to know about Three Points is that it is in a wooded valley, so there is some fire danger to living here, though the danger has dropped considerably since the mid 1950s.

Driving Directions From Three Points To EDSI

In order to get EDSI, a surrogacy agency in Los Angeles, from Three Points, head south on Forest Service Road 3N17/Pacifico Mountain Road/Santa Clara Divide Road toward CA-2 W. Turn right onto CA-2 W for 28.3 miles. Then, turn right onto the Interstate 210 W ramp and merge onto I-210 W. You will then use the right two lanes to take exit 19 for CA-2 S toward Los Angeles. After 1.1 mile, you will continue onto CA-2 S for another 7.0 miles.   Use the right two lanes to take the I-5 exit toward Los Angeles. Keep left, follow signs for Los Angeles/Interstate 5 S and merge onto I-5 S. After 0.8 miles, use the right two lanes to take the exit toward Los Angeles/CA-110 S and then merge onto CA-110.   After 2.0 miles, use the left three lanes to turn slightly left to stay on CA-110. Then, after 1.4 miles, use the right three lanes to take exit 21 for I-10 W.   Keep left and merge onto I-10 W and drive for another 5.9 miles. Then, take exit 6 for Robertson Boulevard. Next, turn right onto S Robertson Boulevard and drive for 0.8 miles, you should pass by a Taco Bell.  Then, turn left onto Sawyer Street and then turn right onto S Beverly Drive after half a mile.   Stay on South Beverly Drive until you can turn left onto Wilshire Boulevard, and you will see the destination on the right.

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