All About Acton, CA

Acton, California is an unincorporated place in Los Angeles County, California that is served by EDSI surrogacy agency. It is located right near the Antelope Valley and has a population of 7,596. A smaller, residential community, it is home to many rural western-style buildings and historical sites that date back to the 1800s. Homes here are typically ranch style and have absolutely amazing views of the mountains. The town was formed in the late 1800s as a result of the Gold Rush and the nearby Red Rover Mine. One of the miners came from Acton, Massachusetts, and named the area. Gold, copper, and titanium were mined here until the early 1900s and was so prosperous that Acton was considered as a state capital.  Currently, Acton, CA is home to the Shambala Preserve, which is a wild animal nature park run by Tippi Hedren. It is home to more than 70 African lions, Royal Bengal and Siberian tigers, spotted and black leopards, cougars, and African elephants. People often come to have safaris. Another local retreat is Parker Mountain, which is an excellent place for flying radio-controlled aircraft. Overall, Acton is a family oriented place where many settle down.

Driving Directions From Acton, CA To EDSI

In order to get EDSI, a surrogacy agency in Los Angeles, you will want to get on CA-14S  toward Los Angeles. While on the highway, you will want to use the middle 3 lanes to take exit 1A for I-5 S and then keep left and merge onto I-5 S.  Keep left at the fork to stay on I-5 S, follow signs for Los Angeles, you should drive for about 5.3 miles.   Next, use the right 3 lanes to take the CA-170 S exit toward Hollywood (the exit should be in about 0.5 mile) and then continue onto CA-170 S. You will use the left lanes to turn slightly left to stay on CA-170 S (signs for US-101 S/Los Angeles).   Next, merge onto US-101 S and drive for 3.1 miles. You will take exit 9C toward Highland Ave/Hollywood Bowl and continue for 0.4 miles.   Next, merge onto Cahuenga Blvd and continue for 0.2 miles before you will switch onto N Highland Ave for another 0.6 mile. Then, take a slight right onto Franklin Ave and drive for 0.4 mile.   Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto N La Brea Ave for 0.1 mile and then turn right onto Hollywood Blvd. Drive for 0.9 mile between turning left onto N Fairfax Ave and continuing for 0.5 mile.   Use the 2nd from the right lane to turn right onto Fountain Ave and drive for 0.9 mile. Then, use any lane to turn left onto La Cienega Blvd. You should pass by a Fatburger in 1.4 mile. Continue for another 0.5 mile and then turn right onto Wilshire Blvd.  

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