International Surrogacy In The United States – What You Need To Know

International surrogacy in the United States is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. The United States is a great place to build your family through surrogacy because it is legal, safe, and has some of the best international surrogacy agencies in the world. If you are interested in becoming a parent through international surrogacy in the United States, there are some things that you need to know – keep reading to learn more.

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Every State is Different

One thing you need to understand is that every state in the United States has different laws about surrogacy. You will have to do your research to see what the laws are for the state your surrogacy agency resides in. For most people, a surrogacy agency in California is one of the best options because the laws are well-defined and longstanding. It was one of the first states for surrogacy.

There are other states that are great options for surrogacy as well, including states on the east coast of the United States. Some surrogacy agencies, like EDSI, have offices in multiple states so that you can work with surrogates closer to you.

You May Be Able To Establish Parent Rights Before Birth

Depending on the state you choose, you may be able to get something called a pre-birth order that allows you to make the medical decisions about your baby before they are born. It also prevents some of the paperwork after the birth of your child, which can help you get out of the United States and back to your home country much sooner.

When you work with a surrogacy agency, they will help you with all of the paperwork and legal steps you need to take. Often, surrogacy agencies will have standing relationships with lawyers who specialize in surrogacy.

There Are Strict Requirements For Surrogates

In the United States, there are many rules and regulations for women who want to become surrogates. They need to meet the requirements set forth by the medical industry as well as the specific surrogacy agency. For example, at Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute:

– Surrogates must be between the ages of 21 and 37 years old

– Surrogates must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder

– Surrogates must be non-smokers, and drug and alcohol free (they will be tested)

– Surrogates must have given birth and are raising or raised a child

– Surrogates must have had complication-free pregnancies and deliveries

– Surrogates must have access to reliable transportation

– Surrogates must not be receiving any form of Government assistance.

– Surrogates must be height/weight appropriate with a Body Mass Index (BMI) no higher than 30

Before they are allowed to become a surrogate, these women will need to go through physical examinations, mental health screenings, and more to ensure they are healthy and prepared to be a surrogate mother. For international parents, this is very important because they aren’t able to physically be near the gestational surrogate.


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