Top 5 Reasons People Choose Surrogacy

Top 5 Reasons People Choose Surrogacy

Wanting a child and not being able to conceive is one of lifes great injustices, and can be incredibly hard to grapple with. Fortunately, todays world provides many alternative ways to build a family. With all the options out there, more and more parents choose surrogacy to fulfill their dreams of having children. Though it can be one of the hardest decisions for a potential parent, these five reasons are often pivotal reasons people to choose surrogacy.

1) Genetic Ties

Surrogacy is an ideal choice for parents because the child can still have biological connections to one or both the parents. In a traditional surrogacy, the surrogate provides one of her own eggs to be fertilized by an intended parents sperm or sperm donor. Gestational surrogacy, the much more common option, involves no genetic input from the surrogate. Parents value being able to have a child that still resembles them and their genetic makeup even though they were unable to carry it themselves.

2) Knowing the Surrogate

Parents often choose surrogacy because they have the power to select who is carrying their child and can make decisions they feel are in the best interests of their child from the start. With surrogacy, intended parents are matched with their surrogate after she completes physical and mental wellness screenings, and matches are made based on compatibility. The agency also arranges the first meetings and helps make sure everyone gets to know each other before any final decisions are made.

3) Involvement in Pregnancy

Most intended parents want to be involved in the pregnancy from the start. Theres much joy in hearing the initial heartbeat, catching the first glimpse of the baby via ultrasound, and in feeling those first kicks. Theres comfort in knowing that the little one is doing well as the journey continues. Surrogacy is sometimes the only way these dreams can come true. Moreover, involvement during the pregnancy creates a wonderful bond between intended parents and gestational carriers.

4) Legal Agreements

Paperwork is not a glamorous part of any process, but having pristine legal agreements set in place is important for bringing any child into the world. With surrogacy, legal contracts are drawn up and set in stone before the process even begins. Surrogacy agencies are a crucial component to this; legal professionals and healthcare plans, along with any and all necessary travel accommodations, are straightforward and clear cut in most cases based on agency requirements and parent preferences.

5) Guided Support

Surrogacy agencies are fantastic resources throughout the entire process from the first qualifying screenings to personalized matches all the way through the pregnancy and childbirth. Between the doctor visits, legal arrangements, financial aspects, and emotional support required, its comforting to know that someone is on your side and walking you through what steps need to be taken and when.

Choose Surrogacy with EDSI

At EDSI, trained mentors compassionately guide both surrogates and intended parents through every step of the way, ensuring your personal surrogacy journey is everything you hope it will be. For more information on beginning this process, contact EDSI at (866) 344-3662 today.

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